A spat breaks out between a university debating club and student Liberals over a debate about assassinating political leaders who don’t act on climate change. Read more: 'Clearly they've gone too far': War of words over uni club's debate about killing politicians Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: Continuing high winds cut power to nearly 3,000 Tasmanian homes by early this morning, and concerns are raised about Health Department management changes. Read more: Tasmania Now: Power cuts affect thousands, health management shake-up Source: ABC News

Cadbury employees win a Federal Court case against their employer to be paid sick leave for the full 12 hours of their shift rather than the work standard of 7.6 hours per day, in a decision that is expected to have ramifications across Australia. Read more: 'The mouse that roared': Cadbury workers' sick leave win […]

Scott Bacon was one of Labor’s most bankable election favourites, so where does his resignation leave the party and the Tasmanian Parliament? Read more: Tasmanian Labor leader loses key ally as Scott Bacon departs Source: ABC News

Using internet search engines and social media is a daily habit for many people, but when members of a jury do it the ramifications for the justice system can be dire. The Tasmania Law Reform Institute says it is happening more often. Read more: Jurors using social media to look up victims and criminals, researcher […]

Senior Opposition MP Scott Bacon is preparing to quit politics, creating a recount in the Hobart-based seat of Clark. Read more: Tasmanian Labor's Scott Bacon to quit Parliament Source: ABC News

The day areas of the Mount Field National Park near Hobart have been closed because of rising floodwaters. Read more: Mount Field camp ground flooded Source: ABC News

Forget sunny skies and glistening beaches — it’s Tasmania’s bleak, austere and gloomy locations which are drawing in film and television producers, with their creations having such a unique look and feel that experts have coined a name for the sub genre — Tassie Noir. Read more: 'A pressure cooker for dark urges': Tasmania proving […]

Tasmania has recorded its strongest winds in more than 5 years over the past 24 hours, reaching speeds of up to 120km/h near Hobart, according to the Bureau of Meteorology… And it’s not over yet! The severe weather is continuing across Tasmania today, with the state battered by strong winds and heavy rain overnight. The […]

The severe weather is continuing across Tasmania today, with the state battered by strong winds and heavy rain overnight. Hobart recorded its strongest winds in up to 5 years on Tuesday, with gusts of up to 148 km/h recorded on Maatsuyker Island in the state’s far south, and gusts up to 93 km/h were recorded […]

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