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Interview with man who built his home from recycled materials Read more: Man builds home from recycled materials Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Dark Mofo’s red crosses return, the right way up, on the Hobart waterfront, and the real estate industry welcomes the RBA’s interest rate cut. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Dark Mofo's waterfront red crosses being installed, rate cut welcomed Source: ABC News

A former Bishop of Tasmania criticised by the child sexual abuse royal commission wins a legal bid to stop disciplinary action by the Church against him. Read more: 'We're very sad for survivors': Court halts disciplinary action against former bishop Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Premier Will Hodgman threw MONA “under a bus” during the federal election campaign, according to Labor, and victory has been declared in a council’s “peaceful war on birds”. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Labor says MONA 'thrown under bus', laser v birds, Basslink back online Source: ABC News

Helen White’s cattle are bellowing at her because they’re hungry — while her Tasmanian farm has just had rain, it won’t be enough in the face of forecast dry conditions ahead. Read more: 'It's demoralising': Farmers fork out tens of thousands to feed cattle Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Tasmania Golf Club says it’ll have to close if a roundabout is built over its 16th hole, as ongoing dry conditions impact farmers Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Proposed roundabout could force golf club to close, Tassie farmers face dry conditions Source: ABC News

A woman killed in a housefire yesterday is remembered as a good friend and neighbour, as it emerges the fatal blaze started when a wheat bag was overheated in a microwave. Read more: Fire that killed 90yo woman started by wheat bag overheating in microwave Source: ABC News

Cavers have discovered an underground link between two of Australia’s deepest caves in Tasmania. Read more: Tasmanian cavers solve mystery Source: ABC News

What questions keep you up at night about climate change? Through Curious Climate, Tasmanian residents can now ask scientists and researchers everything they would like to know. Read more: What climate change question do you want answered? Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Possum mischief the cause of blackout, police use spikes to catch a speeding driver, local Liberals win a spot in federal Cabinet, and winter has arrived with snow. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Possum magic makes power go out, speeders cop fines, winter is here Source: ABC News

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