Author: Ainsley Koch

A row erupts inside the walls of Hobart City Council over a motion to recognise climate change as a global emergency, with three members staging a walkout. Read more: 'An insult to the community': Hobart councillors resort to name calling over division on climate change Source: ABC News

Willow requires a paediatric wheelchair for multiple complex disabilities, but her mother worries she will not be able to afford a new chair for her child following eligibility changes in the transition to the NDIS. Read more: 10-year-old Willow may be left without access to a wheelchair under NDIS Source: ABC News

A spike in influenza notifications this Easter prompts nurses at the Royal Hobart Hospital to call for a separate flu clinic to open this winter to alleviate the pressure on the emergency department. Read more: Nurses call for flu clinic to open in Tasmania to take pressure off RHH Source: ABC News

A former registrar at the Royal Hobart Hospital is suspended for six weeks after calling for women to be raped. Read more: 'Some women deserve to be raped': Doctor suspended over professional misconduct Source: ABC News

Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city, and there are thousands of convicts, earlier settlers and Indigenous Tasmanians buried under the city’s schools, churches and private homes. Read more: If you walk around Hobart, you could be standing on someone's grave Source: ABC News

Last year’s controversial display of crosses is due to return to MONA’s Dark Mofo festival, but in a move welcomed by Christian leaders, organisers are considering reversing them so they do not appear in inverted form. Read more: Dark Mofo to bring back controversial cross display, but they may not be inverted Source: ABC News

Plastic takeaway food containers, cutlery and straws are some of the items that might disappear from Hobart by 2020, after the Council voted for a by-law that could see the city become the nation’s first to ban single-use plastics. Read more: Hobart's single-use plastic ban an Australian first, but businesses are not happy Source: ABC […]

The presence of anti-vaccination material at a State Government and Hobart City Council-sponsored event is under scrutiny. Read more: Hobart council seeks answers on anti-vaxxer stall at health expo Source: ABC News

Tasmanians are being told not to succumb to the “cute and cuddly” factor by trying to domesticate orphaned joeys, which hunters are required by law to humanely dispose of. Source: ABC News

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