Author: Alan Whykes

By Eileen S. Lenson, MSW, ACSW, BCC  Welcome to Q&A Today, a column designed to answer your questions regarding challenges and concerns in everyday life, from family to coping with current events. A popular topic today revolves around the coronavirus. All questions are fair game. Just send me an email with your questions or concerns, and […]

UNTV is an experimental online TV broadcast featuring live crosses, newly-created shows and curated video that reflect the qualities and characteristics of the remote and remarkable west coast of Tasmania. UNTV has been developed through collaboration with a range of Tasmanian, national and international artists and creative professionals, with lead roles by Tasmanian filmmaker Shaun Wilson and […]

Media release – 360 Degree Films, 18 September 2020 WILD THINGS at Cinefest Oz & Crowdfunding Campaign WILD THINGS the feature documentary recently had its World Premiere at Cinefest Oz in WA. Here are some vox pops from our audience. Now the big challenge in the time of COVID19 is to get the film out to as many people […]

Pembroke tasting prelude. Image courtesy The Pinot Club. Once known as the granary of Australia, Tasmania’s Coal River Valley is developing an enviable international reputation for the quality of its cool climate wines. That’s hardly surprising, given the valley’s abundant summer sunshine, long dry autumns and world-class viticulture being practised by its growing number of […]

Why Project Marinus and Battery of the Nation are a huge $7.1 billion mistake and will be a millstone around Tasmania’s neck The Bob Brown Foundation has released its report Wrong Way Go Back: An Analysis of the economics and greenhouse gas impact of Marinus Link and Battery of the Nation’. You can read the […]

Launceston’s new Hotel Verge opened its doors this week. Siutated on the corner of Cimitiere and Tamar Street in Launceston, the venue is expected to appeal to both the business and leisure markets due to its position on the fringes of the CBD. The development had been approaching the final stages of construction when COVID-19 […]

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) has been boosted by $1m in state funds, enabling it to meet the needs of more clients. As part of its social and economic stimulus the state government has committed to injecting the funding over the next 2.5 years. “This funding has given us capacity to reach out to […]

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is welcoming local industry to a special preview this week as it prepares to recommence journeys for visitors to Queenstown on Tuesday 22 September 2020. Twenty-three local tourism industry representatives took to the railway today on a special Rack and Gorge departure, with a further 37 due to join a […]

  Yes, you can grow avocadoes in Tasmania. In fact the limited quantities of commercially-grown avocadoes have a growing reputation for excellent flavour. Not only do avocados grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates, but they can, with some fine-tuning, be grown in here and indeed benefit from the long, slow ripening that the climate allows. […]

Launching the survey results. Respondents to a Unions Tasmania survey strongly indicated they want to see an inclusive recovery plan that invests more in public services, targets sustainable new jobs and addresses both economic and social inequality in Tasmania. Nearly 2,000 workers completed the COVID-19 Recovery Survey, conducted between June and August 2020, which asked […]

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