Cadbury employees win a Federal Court case against their employer to be paid sick leave for the full 12 hours of their shift rather than the work standard of 7.6 hours per day, in a decision that is expected to have ramifications across Australia. Read more: 'The mouse that roared': Cadbury workers' sick leave win […]

Scott Bacon was one of Labor’s most bankable election favourites, so where does his resignation leave the party and the Tasmanian Parliament? Read more: Tasmanian Labor leader loses key ally as Scott Bacon departs Source: ABC News

Senior Opposition MP Scott Bacon is preparing to quit politics, creating a recount in the Hobart-based seat of Clark. Read more: Tasmanian Labor's Scott Bacon to quit Parliament Source: ABC News

The mayor of a Tasmanian council begins a meeting with a public apology to the state Governor’s husband and a community organisation for suggesting they misappropriated funds, the ABC can reveal. Read more: Mayor's 'sincere' apology over misappropriated funds allegation Source: ABC News

The Tasmanian Government is acting as if it is in minority, according to one political analyst, as parliamentarians — and Labor — question the slowdown of the Hodgman Liberals’ legislative agenda. Read more: Liberals 'hamstrung' by Hickey, Labor says, as legislative agenda slows Source: ABC News

Just 20 per cent of $25 million donated to Tasmanian political parties in the past decade has been publicly disclosed, according to a new report recommending a significant overhaul of the system. Read more: Only one fifth of Tasmania's political donations have been disclosed in the last decade Source: ABC News

Is it appropriate to call an MP “unladylike” in Parliament? That was the unexpected question raised on Wednesday when a fiery exchange led Tasmania’s Speaker to brand the deputy Opposition leader as just that. Read more: 'Political correctness taken to the nth degree': Speaker blasted over 'unladylike' comment Source: ABC News

Despite its less-than-stellar performance as a harness racing horse, the final resting place of deceased New Zealand-bred gelding A Loan Again has become the subject of much political speculation after allegations its carcass was “fed to lions” were raised in budget estimates and strenuously denied. Read more: How a dead racehorse from New Zealand gained […]

In 1998, the size of Tasmania’s Lower House was reduced from 35 politicians to 25. What are the arguments for restoring the size of Parliament? Read more: Would adding more politicians improve Tasmania's democracy? Source: ABC News

In the past 18 months Julie Kent has applied for jobs almost daily, but despite strong economic times the odds are against her and she’s now alone. Read more: Julie was a CEO and an Olympic diver but can't land a job Source: ABC News

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