Companies impacted by the catastrophic 2016 Hobart Rivulet wall collapse — which flooded Myer just months after it reopened after being destroyed by fire — launch civil action in the Supreme Court. Read more: Myer seeks millions in damages over 2016 Hobart Rivulet flood Source: ABC News

A botched effort at censoring a scathing report on Tasmania’s juvenile detention centre reveals a litany of shortcomings, including “very little real security”, CCTV that is “rarely monitored”, inadequate reporting of force being used — and a fence that would not stop an escape attempt, only “slow it down”. Read more: The Tasmanian Government released […]

With the September deadline for practical completion of the Royal Hobart Hospital’s new K-block redevelopment expired, the Government “needs to be upfront with Tasmanians” as to when it will be operational, Labor says. Read more: Labor ramps up pressure as Hobart hospital construction works drag on Source: ABC News

Despite a bid to move Tasmania’s time zone 30 minutes earlier than eastern standard time failing to win support, Prime Minister Scott Morrison tells Liberal Party faithful their future remains bright thanks to the revived fortunes for the island state. Read more: Daylight saving pitch fails, but Liberals still looking ahead in Tasmania Source: ABC […]

With just 34 return boat journeys made over a year, politicians are debating whether $200 million should be spent to build a taller bridge in Tasmania’s south. Read more: 0m for an extra 8 metres: Debate rages over design for new Bridgewater Bridge Source: ABC News

Politicians bearing promises have disappointed many miners in Tasmania’s wild west in recent times, but increasing demand for metals for electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels is now driving more exploration. Read more: Tasmanian miners hold out hope for brighter future amid tech industry growth Source: ABC News

Tasmania’s Electoral Commission has determined the newest member of the state’s House of Assembly is Madeleine Ogilvie. Read more: Madeleine Ogilvie wins recount to claim the seat of Clark Source: ABC News

The Hobart teenager who killed pregnant mother Sarah Paino in a dangerous driving incident three years ago is back in custody just weeks after being released on parole. Read more: Teen who killed Sarah Paino in dangerous driving crash in custody after breaching parole Source: ABC News

Cadbury employees win a Federal Court case against their employer to be paid sick leave for the full 12 hours of their shift rather than the work standard of 7.6 hours per day, in a decision that is expected to have ramifications across Australia. Read more: 'The mouse that roared': Cadbury workers' sick leave win […]

Scott Bacon was one of Labor’s most bankable election favourites, so where does his resignation leave the party and the Tasmanian Parliament? Read more: Tasmanian Labor leader loses key ally as Scott Bacon departs Source: ABC News

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