Author: Carla Howarth

As Antarctic icebreaker Aurora Australis launches into its last season, there are many stories to tell, including a love story. Read more: A voyage on the Aurora Australis changed Sarah's life forever Source: ABC News

An archaeological excavation is approved at the site where one of Tasmania’s most divisive colonial figures once lived, sparking concerns Aboriginal “spirits” will be disturbed by the dig. Read more: 'He rounded up Aboriginal people': Dismay over planned dig at heritage site Source: ABC News

An iceberg 1,636 square kilometres in size, or about the size of urban Sydney or Scotland’s Isle of Skye, breaks off Antarctica. Read more: Iceberg dubbed 'D28' breaks off Antarctic shelf Source: ABC News

Scientists hope a drill that can plunge 3 kilometres down into an Antarctic ice cap and withstand temperatures of -55 degrees Celsius will help solve one of the last great puzzles in climate science. Read more: Scientists unveil drill that will extract 1 million-year-old ice core Source: ABC News

Tasmania’s public sector workers will vote on a new one-year pay offer from the State Government which would include a 2.1-per-cent wage rise, and a .25-per-cent sign-on bonus. Read more: Tasmanian public servants to vote on new pay offer Source: ABC News

Scientists thought they found a treatment for the deadly wombat mange disease, but two years after successful trials made it appear the treatment was working, the entire study population was dead. Read more: Just 10 wombats left in national park after unsuccessful mange study Source: ABC News

A social media post by a Hobart paramedic blames budget savings for the state’s “old and failing” ambulances and staff “worked beyond breaking point”, and says being the only paramedic for 50,000 people is “not such a novelty”. Read more: Paramedic left to work alone without an ambulance vents frustration on social media Source: ABC […]

More than 200 new species of plants and animals have been given scientific names over the past year, according to the CSIRO, including a bee fly named after a Game of Thrones character. Read more: Game of Thrones inspires bee's scientific name as hundreds of new species listed Source: ABC News

The resting place of SS Federal, which sank in Bass Strait in 1901 with no survivors, has been speculated for years — now authorities have pinpointed its location, seven years after recreational divers filmed its remains. Read more: Shipwreck's watery grave studied in bid to solve century-old mystery Source: ABC News

Horse hair from convict-built walls in Tasmania is among the remains from colonial Australia being scrutinised to tell the story of how the animals were used and where they came from. Read more: 170-year-old horse hair found in convict plaster to undergo DNA testing Source: ABC News

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