Author: Charley Rico

Rex Nightingale was working to knock down a house in Hobart in 1960 when he found a letter from 1894 hidden under the linoleum. Now, 125 years after it was written, he finally has the chance to reunite the letter with the author’s family. Read more: 'Bolt out of heaven': 125yo letter returned to writer's […]

It’s the hideous hairdo your dad probably had in the 80s, and it’s making a comeback according to hairdressers who say they’re fielding requests for the mullet every week. Read more: The hairdo you least expected is cool again Source: ABC News

A genuine albino magpie is making its home at a Tasmanian wildlife sanctuary, and keepers say the bird is an “absolute character” which “prefers to be handfed despite being able to feed himself”. Read more: This albino magpie doesn't get along with the rest of the birds Source: ABC News

Tasmanian schools are advised to cross off salami and chocolate chip cookies in a once-a-week Subway fast food offer to students, as funding and staff shortages force some short-term canteen closures. Read more: Fast food offered to Tasmanian school students Source: ABC News

When the Burr family’s cat Poppy went missing, they found the six-month-old kitten in the unlikeliest of places. Read more: 'I stopped the wash and there she was': Missing kitten shows up in washing machine Source: ABC News

They were waiting for the Aurora Australis, but novice photographers were left guessing after seeing a bright green flash light up the Tasmanian sky. Read more: Novice photographer captures 'spectacular' green 'meteor' Source: ABC News

Duncan Stewart has been studying the ancient marital art of ninjutsu for 30 years, now the dojo is training people as young as six. Read more: In the heart of Hobart and down a side alley, the ninjas are training Source: ABC News

So what’s going on in Tassie? Giant turnips, cabbages and now pumpkins are starting to dominate the landscape, with one farmer likening it to an extreme sport. Read more: 'It's a great sport': Extreme pumpkin grower hoping for a PB at next show Source: ABC News

Christmas parades, lime milkshakes and a visit from the Queen — your memories of Hobart spurred a trip down memory lane. Read more: Hobart's history seen through your memories Source: ABC News

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