Life is only getting harder for low-income Tasmanians, who are being forced to use internet they can’t afford to access government services and apply for jobs, welfare groups say. Read more: Digital access divide grows in Tasmania's disadvantaged communities Source: ABC News

Chinese student group releases a statement opposing “any act splitting China” after posters supporting Hong Kong independence are repeatedly torn down at the University of Tasmania. Read more: University urged to intervene in China-Hong Kong campus dispute Source: ABC News

The man who killed Jodi Eaton had a history of non-fatally choking women that went back 17 years before her murder. Her family is now backing calls for a new law in Tasmania that would made choking a specific criminal offence. Read more: Jodi was 28 when she was strangled to death by a man […]

Kylie Gangell, a heavily pregnant single mother of two, says she is a “good tenant” and just needs “someone to give us a go”, as she struggles to find accommodation in Tasmania’s tight rental market.  Read more: 'What am I supposed to do': Heavily pregnant Kylie has 24 hours to find her family a new […]

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