Author: Fiona Breen

Looking backward to go forward, craft cider makers are using historic apple varieties to help arrest plummeting cider sales. Read more: Heritage apples making cider sexy in a bid to arrest falling sales Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian abalone diver’s 20-minute encounter with a great white shark has prompted a warning to all commercial divers to adopt new safety techniques. Read more: Abalone diver survives cat and mouse game with 5-metre great white shark Source: ABC News

If it is flake and chips for dinner in your house tonight, spare a thought for the Australian fishers as they struggle to catch the right piece of flake. Read more: Do you know what shark is in your flake and chips? Source: ABC News

With pressure growing on retailers to unwrap the plastics on fresh fruit and vegetables, there is a new debate about what is the greater evil — plastic or food waste? Read more: Striking a balance between plastic wrapping and food waste Source: ABC News

Higher temperatures in traditional grape growing regions are changing the flavour of the white wines we are drinking, according to a winemaker. Read more: Why your crisp white wine may not be as crisp these days Source: ABC News

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