Author: Georgie Burgess

Mick Lawrence was making a film for his son, Tim. But, when Tim was tragically killed in a jet ski accident in 2017 he dropped the project. Now, two years on, it’s finished. Read more: Family tragedy and a life of 'rogue waves' inspire Tasmanian surfing legend Source: ABC News

Until now little has been known about what penguins get up to when they head out to sea to forage. Read more: Gone fishing: Study reveals the activities of penguins at sea Source: ABC News

Jorgen Jorgenson visited Van Diemen’s Land when it was first settled — 20 years later he would return as a convict and former self-proclaimed king of Iceland. Read more: This man was a spy and former 'king' of Iceland before he was sent to Tasmania as a convict Source: ABC News

TasPorts has plans to give the popular Sullivan’s Cove a facelift over the next 15 years, but has ruled out any ‘aggressive’ development. Read more: What does the future hold for Hobart's historic waterfront? Source: ABC News

As Tasmania heads towards its busy summer tourist season, residents in popular locations are bracing themselves to share the road with tourists. Read more: 'Literally can't drive at all': Overseas motorists driving Tasmanians around the bend Source: ABC News

The flooding of Lake Pedder started the green political movement but remains an open wound. A nostalgic campaign to drain it is ramping up, but flies in the face of Hydro Tasmania’s bold plans to grow its renewable energy assets. Read more: Why do environmentalists want to drain Tasmania's Lake Pedder? Source: ABC News

Of the almost 3,000 magpie attacks reported in Australia this year, only one was in Tasmania. So why are these notoriously angry birds so much more relaxed on the Apple Isle? Read more: Why don't Tasmanian magpies swoop? Source: ABC News

Before you approach someone you don’t know and start interviewing them about their disability, there’s something you need to ask yourself. Read more: The question you should think twice about before asking a stranger Source: ABC News

Until 2012, Maria Island’s animal inhabitants were living without any major predators. But when devils were introduced they had to adapt or die. Read more: How the introduction of predators rapidly changed an island Source: ABC News

Ann Denham has outlived everyone in her life, but a friendship with her younger neighbour has brought her many joys — including a ride in a helicopter and a race car. Read more: Meet the 97yo who's flying high and driving fast thanks to her young bestie Source: ABC News

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