Author: Georgie Burgess

Comedian and mother-of-three Rose Ottavi-Kokkoris has accepted that she will probably never be the same again after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Read more: Rose thought she was sweating onto her pillow, but it was brain fluid Source: ABC News

Craig Gathercole has been repairing watches and clocks in Hobart for 46 years, but when he retires his skills won’t be passed on to anyone. Read more: 'It might be the end of it': What is the future of clock and watchmaking? Source: ABC News

Tasmanian native bonsai artist Jarryd Bailey says the practice brings a sense of peace to a busy world — but it isn’t without its challenges. Read more: 'It brings a sense of peace': Mastering the art of native bonsai Source: ABC News

It’s been a big week for the caretakers on remote Maatsuyker Island, from an aurora light show to a surprise sunrise engagement witnessed only by seals and eagles. Read more: Surprise engagement, aurora show all in a week's work for lighthouse keepers Source: ABC News

Jony Berry has faced his fair share of hard knocks, and he says that’s what is driving him to win the 2019 Mr World title. Read more: 'If I'd had a normal life, I wouldn't have got here': Meet Australia's Mr World Source: ABC News

A notorious convict prison operated on the principles of isolation, silence and control — and those who went in rarely came out the same. Read more: 'Delirious and hallucinating': Port Arthur's Separate Prison punished convicts with psychological torture Source: ABC News

Australian summers are set to get drier and hotter — so how will fire risk change over the next 100 years? Read more: Why a higher bushfire risk is 'the new normal' Source: ABC News

Slopen Main farmer John Price has spent his life collecting, but as he begins to downsize it’s all going under the hammer — including a fully restored Charger expected to fetch at least $40,000. Read more: 'It's like a disease': Collector of 'practically everything' says it's now time to downsize Source: ABC News

Tasmania is home to the largest private collection of Romanian artwork in the southern hemisphere, if not the world — and it is all due to an enduring friendship between a wealthy Australian economist and a Romanian painter. Read more: The reason an unlikely friendship resulted in Tasmania housing 1,500 items of Romanian art Source: […]

Run-off from dangerous waste, including meth labs and and decades-old household rubbish, is being turned into clean water. Read more: Run-off from rubbish including meth labs and waste from the 1980s turned into clean water Source: ABC News

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