Author: Henry Zwartz

Calls for a trial of the Federal Government’s cashless welfare card in Tasmania spark fierce rebukes, including a comparison to “Nazi Germany” by one local mayor. Read more: Tasmanian Liberals call for cashless welfare trial in the island state Source: ABC News

Tracey hoped putting her mother in an aged care home would give her a sense of security, but she ended up severely injuring herself in a fall. Warning: contains graphic images. Read more: 'It's horrendous': Family lashes out after woman with dementia severely injured in nursing home fall Source: ABC News

Sources have confirmed the $150 million public housing debt owed by Tasmania will be waived, as demanded by Senator Jacqui Lambie in exchange for her vote on the Federal Government’s tax cuts. Read more: Welfare sector welcomes waiving of Tasmania's 0m public housing debt Source: ABC News

When Jane Rankin-Reid moved her mum Shirlee into an aged care home in Hobart, she hoped she’d live out her twilight years in comfort and dignity. But the elderly woman’s life soon became a nightmare. Read more: Daughter calls for community to 'stand up for our elders' after 93yo mother's death Source: ABC News

Jan Sellars is living with dementia and her husband Geoffrey is her carer, they readily admit the condition can be “hard on a family”. But in this volunteer-run cafe in Tasmania’s north-west, it’s no big deal. Read more: Geoffrey and Jan know how isolating dementia can be. They're beating it one cuppa at a time […]

These hills used to ring out with pickaxes during the gold rush in the 1800s. Now the glitter of precious metal has once again brought people to these remote, leech-infested hinterlands. Read more: 'You might think I'm crazy, but they call it gold fever' Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian parish priest reveals he was sexually abused as a child in the 1970s in the hope it encourages other victims to come forward. Read more: 'I understand their story': Priest reveals own abuse at hands of Catholic church Source: ABC News

A massive powerline that would run through the properties of 17 private landowners on Tasmania’s north-west coast has sparked fury from farmers who say they’ve received letters “threatening” to compulsorily acquire their land. Read more: 'Buy the whole farm or bugger off': Farmers furious over powerline plan Source: ABC News

At least 19 former hydro workers in Tasmania are seeking compensation, saying they were exposed to dangerous chemicals which has left them with chronic health conditions. Read more: 'My life has been shattered': Ex-hydro workers seeking compensation over chemical exposure Source: ABC News

James had to dig trenches until his “hands bled”, but he said the sexual abuse endured by the Marist Fathers was “the worst part” — he and other former students are now suing the institution. Read more: 'The worst part was the sexual abuse': Former students sue Marist Fathers Source: ABC News

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