Author: James Dunlevie

The warning sign at the start of one of Tasmania’s most popular walking trails spells it out, in several languages — with photos to drive the point home. The wilderness is “beautiful”, but “deadly”. Read more: 'Beautiful one day, deadly the next': Shelter the only hope when weather turns in wilderness Source: ABC News

It’s on again, Dark Mofo — with Swedish doom metal, a diorama of a city in riot, a performer pressing their body up against a ice carving and metal spikes piercing pages containing verse written by jailed poets on the menu. Here is how to survive Hobart’s festival of the weird. Read more: Your Dark […]

MORNING BRIEFING: A Hobart church is planning an arty response to Dark Mofo’s inverted crosses, as a trio who allegedly bashed an elderly man appear in court. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Church fighting art with art, trio accused of bashing 75yo fronts court Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: New data reveals the animals most at risk of being hit or killed on Tasmanian roads, a former physician at Royal Hobart Hospital unloads on the handling of reports detailing health system failures, and charges are laid over a brutal bashing. Read more: Tasmania Now: Roadkill numbers released, charges laid over 75yo's bashing […]

MORNING BRIEFING: Tasmanian ski enthusiasts are hoping good falls early in the season are a good sign for the coming ski season, and police blame a rise in crime on a small number of high-volume offenders. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Early snow brings hopes for good ski season, crime on the rise Source: ABC […]

MORNING BRIEFING: A Tasmanian teenager who killed himself is remembered as “gentle and sensitive” by his father at an inquest, the state’s motor vehicle registry is yet to cancel a single Wicked Camper registration under laws banning offensive slogans and rain is on the way. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Liam Mead inquest continues, Wicked […]

Make the best of the warmer-than-average weather because it is about to end, and technology dramas in a Hobart courtroom draw the ire of the Tasmanian coroner. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Court technology fail frustrates coroner, winter on the way Source: ABC News

Get the calculators out, it’s Budget day (actually don’t, let us do the hard work for you), vote counting STILL going on in Bass and elective surgery numbers fall in Tasmania. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Budget to be handed down, Bass votes still being tallied Source: ABC News

A 22-year-old Hobart woman pleads not guilty to failing to tell police what she allegedly knew about the shooting murder of young dad Jarrod Leigh Turner and an inquest into fishing trip deaths is set to begin. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Not guilty plea in Jarrod Turner case, fishing deaths inquest to start Source: ABC […]

The public is told to expect an anti-terrorism training drill in Hobart but details are withheld “to protect tactics”, as police issue a warning on homemade firearms after a man dies in an accident. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Anti-terrorism training for Hobart, police warning on homemade guns Source: ABC News

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