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A 30-year-old man will appear in court over the murder of 22-year-old father Jarrod Turner, while the annual “turning of the fagus” is offering rare photo opportunities for nature lovers. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Man charged over Jarrod Turner killing, fabulous fagus is here Source: ABC News

A former Queensland Government whistleblower is hoping to snatch a Senate ticket for the Greens in Tasmania, as concerns are raised about whether it is safe to swim at Easter because of water quality issues. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Easter swimming concerns, whistleblower joins Senate bid Source: ABC News

Opponents to the proposed cable car development in Hobart swell a public meeting, police released an image of a hooded thief who tied up a young betting shop worker and a dad survives being lost at sea by snacking on lolly snakes. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: CCTV image of thief released, kayaker's s-s-secret to […]

A search is underway for a kayaker missing off the Tasmanian coast and police are hunting thieves who tied up a young TAB worker. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Kayaker missing off Maria Island, betting shop worker tied up Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian teenage pilot hoping to become the youngest person to circumnavigate Australia solo is about to start his epic journey, while an animal sanctuary reports finding a protected hawk dumped in a bag. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Teenage pilot eyes record, hawk found dumped in bag Source: ABC News

Twice in his career, journalist James Dunlevie has switched from being a reporter covering a natural disaster to a resident dealing with it up close. Here he reflects on what it’s like being on the other side of the news story. Source: ABC News

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