Author: Jemima Burt

The Stroke Foundation says patients with brain clots and haemorrhages are being left for hours untreated in rural hospitals which do not have the equipment or expertise to support them. Read more: Rural stroke victims missing out on early intervention Source: ABC News

Mining lobbyists and environmentalists say a go-ahead for Adani tomorrow would be monumental for the Galilee Basin, possibly paving the way for six other mines in the region but analysts say some projects may not be viable. Read more: Will Adani be the 'ice-breaker' for six more proposed Galilee mines? Source: ABC News

The 400-strong group arrive in Clermont to a frosty welcome from pro-coal locals who wave ‘Start Adani’ placards and heckle the protesters as they drive into town. Some local businesses will even refuse the protesters service during their stay. Read more: Anti-Adani convoy get frosty welcome from Queensland coal mining town Source: ABC News

Aboriginal people and legal experts are calling for national reform around who can claim intellectual property rights to Indigenous knowledge. Read more: Claims of cultural appropriation in bid to trademark Indigenous Gumby Gumby name Source: ABC News

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