Author: Katri Uibu

When Kate was in her early 20s, buying a house was the last thing in her mind. Decades later, the 44-year-old single mother is regretting becoming a lifelong tenant in the “mercenary” rental market. Read more: Kate is trapped in the 'mercenary' rental market — and she's not alone Source: ABC News

Disability pensioner Gayle Muddyman only receives $500 a week — but with the rent of her three-bedroom house going up “ludicrously” in the last 12 months, she only has dollars to spare. Read more: When Gayle couldn't pay her rent, her daughter stepped in Source: ABC News

Rosalie ‘Occy Rose’ Schwertfeger taught her 10-year-old son how to pluck an octopus from the water and cook it up on an open-grill fire. Decades later, he’s keeping the tradition alive. Read more: 'Occy Rose' was Tasmania's first octopus hunter — then her secret spot was discovered Source: ABC News

In the thick of a Tasmanian winter, Ben and Victoria O’Sullivan lived without water and electricity in a tool shed to dodge hefty rental prices — 18 months later, they’ve bought their first home. Read more: How far would you go? To buy their first home, Ben and Victoria lived in this shed Source: ABC […]

This small town is reliant on penguin tourism, but residents are worried there will not be any left as the third suspected dog attack in 12 months leaves a dozen dead. Read more: Penguin town fears for its tourism future after third bird kill Source: ABC News

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