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In just one month, Donna went from thinking she was “too young” to have breast cancer to having a mastectomy. Now she’s decided to have her other breast removed. Read more: On good days Donna jokes about her breasts, on bad ones she can't take showers Source: ABC News

A man has been charged after he allegedly attempted to drop eight tonnes of animal manure at the offices of Tasmanian politicians. Read more: 'I'm going to show them': Man attempts to dump 8 tonnes of manure on MPs' doorstep Source: ABC News

More than 170 little penguins have been mauled to death by dogs in Tasmania in the past year. Experts say the attacks are leaving the state’s population in a “tenuous” position. Read more: 'We're losing our penguins': With 170 birds dead, there are fears colonies will be wiped out Source: ABC News

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala takes his first ever flight to get from the NT to Tasmania to collect Australia’s richest landscape prize for his painting representing his father’s Dreamtime stories. Read more: A year after holding a paintbrush for the first time, this man has won a 0,000 art prize Source: ABC News

When Alison’s marriage broke down when she was in her 50s, she wanted to borrow money to keep one of the houses she owned with her husband in her own name. She believes her bank declined her application due to her age. Read more: Too old to borrow? Alison believes her bank knocked her back […]

When this island became “the poster boy for marine pollution”, researchers went to clean some of the 38 million pieces of plastic. But after collecting half of it, they had to abandon their efforts. Read more: Researchers collect tonnes of plastic from this island, but leave it all behind Source: ABC News

Two-month-old Charlotte Lukendlay was killed by her father who had previously threatened to “cut her into pieces to make an Indian curry”, a coroner’s report finds, with police saying they’ll review the case. Read more: Coroner finds father who killed two-month-old girl wanted 'better' baby Source: ABC News

The company behind the cable car proposal for Hobart’s kunanyi/Mount Wellington will charge $64 per Tasmanian family per ride and says it now wants to build an outdoor cinema on top of the mountain. Read more: 'Make up your own mind': Mount Wellington summit ride price, cinema plans revealed Source: ABC News

In many ways, Rob’s is a “normal house” with a sink, kitchen and a fireplace — but he says it only cost him $1,000 to build, and it’s made of recycled materials. Read more: Rob's spent 10 years building a sustainable house — he says it cost him ,000 Source: ABC News

When Kate was in her early 20s, buying a house was the last thing in her mind. Decades later, the 44-year-old single mother is regretting becoming a lifelong tenant in the “mercenary” rental market. Read more: Kate is trapped in the 'mercenary' rental market — and she's not alone Source: ABC News

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