Author: Laura Beavis

A self-described online news service operator who admitted to duping a woman out of $5,000 in Tasmania is wanted on similar allegations in South Australia, a court hears. Read more: Man who claimed to be filming Channel 7 program, scammed k 'a repeat offender' Source: ABC News

Three years ago baker Joshua Humphries was confronted at work by two masked men with a shotgun. He and others in the bakery still feel the impact and urge Tasmanians to take advantage of a police gun amnesty. Read more: 'Not nice to have a gun in your face': Gun crime spike has police worried […]

A case against a Tasmanian man accused of trying to procure a teenage boy for sex collapses after a judge rules evidence from a self-proclaimed “paedophile-hunter” is inadmissible. Read more: Judge labels 'paedo-hunter' who posed as 14yo boy online a 'maverick vigilante' Source: ABC News

The woodworkers at the Rocherlea Men’s and Community Shed keep their tools sharp and their opinions about politicians blunt. And they can pinpoint why some rusted-on Labor voters changed horses. Read more: 'They're full of you-know-what': Why did blue collar voters in Bass strongholds desert Labor? Source: ABC News

Young health professional Manning Mitchell is the type of resident Launceston is desperate to attract, and he loves the perks of life in a regional town. But while Hobart’s population booms, Tasmania’s northern capital is losing its working-age residents. Read more: '15 minutes to get around town': Why this young professional left Melbourne to go […]

Steve Bulbrook reckons he’s swung towards and around all the major parties, and in the seat of Bass — one of Australia’s most volatile electorates — he’s not alone. Read more: In Bass, one of Australia's most volatile electorates, not many MPs get a second term Source: ABC News

Tasmanian Liberal Party candidates pledge to prioritise health ahead of the upcoming election by spending money initially slated to boost the state’s bid for an AFL team on hospitals instead. Read more: Liberals plan to divert funding from Tasmania's AFL bid to hospitals Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian woman tells an inquest into the death of a two-month-old girl that her ex-husband treated their infant daughter cruelly and she believes he caused her death. Read more: 'I never expected him to kill my baby': mother tells inquest into infant's death Source: ABC News

The injuries to a two-and-a-half-month-old baby girl who died in northern Tasmania two years ago indicate she was likely murdered, an inquest hears. Source: ABC News

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