Author: Laurissa Smith

The heat is on beekeepers to deliver healthy hives for pollination this spring and into the summer. Read more: Beekeepers buzzing with anticipation of new honey season Source: ABC News

Alex Norton threw in his corporate gig in Brisbane to forge a new life as a blacksmith in Tasmania. He says he couldn’t be happier — and his new vocation is sparking interest among the locals. Read more: White collar worker ditches Brisbane for a blacksmith's apron in Tassie Source: ABC News

The January deadline is looming for the shipping industry to clean up its act on reducing air pollution as vessels across the world will be required to use low-sulphur fuel oil. Read more: Choppy waters ahead for shipping as switch to cleaner marine fuel looms Source: ABC News

In Australia, they are the late-night spinners — a global network of Tour de France television spectators who sit at their spinning wheels creating yarn. Read more: Forget the Tour de France, what about the Tour de Fleece? Source: ABC News

The rise of home renovation shows has helped glamorise DIY but take the cameras and personalities away and the situation is quite different — especially when it comes to tackling heritage buildings. Read more: Farm tourism boom keeps heritage tradies on their toes Source: ABC News

Rhubarb sales spike in autumn and winter, but Tasmanian growers say hotter temps on the mainland are lifting demand for the plant which thrives in a cool climate. Read more: Rhubarb is popular cold-weather comfort food, so why is extreme heat driving demand? Source: ABC News

The thirst for cool-climate grapes in Tasmania leads to more machines doing the heavy lifting this harvest. Read more: Machines take pressure off picker shortage in Tasmania's wine industry Source: ABC News

Australia’s booming market for hemp seed in breads, cereals, protein powders and protein bars is spurring a new wave of Tasmanian growers cashing in on the fast-growing crop. Read more: Tasmanian farmers cash in as hemp hits new high Source: ABC News

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