Author: Manika Dadson

Terry Hodgetts, 80, reckons a lifetime of woodchopping has kept him motivated, and he wants to see more “young ones” get into the sport. Read more: Launceston show sees 80yo woodchopper return for another swing of the axe Source: ABC News

A typical show day for Gary Clarke involves getting up early to wash and blow-dry his Hereford cattle before the crowds arrive. It is dedication like this which has helped the humble Burnie Show reach its 100th year. Read more: 'Wash and blow-drying the Herefords': How this humble rural show reached 100 Source: ABC News

A coronial inquest has heard a 56-year-old man who was killed when he was electrocuted at his workplace was trying to move cafe equipment before he died. Read more: 'He said he knew what he was doing': Man died after moving coffee machine, inquest hears Source: ABC News

The Launceston City Council becomes the second in Tasmania to scrap its Australia Day celebrations and instead hold its citizenship ceremony on a less contentious day. Read more: 'People feel it's a day of death': Council votes to move Australia Day celebrations Source: ABC News

Women’s football has taken off across Australia, but there’s one big issue — a lack of facilities. At one Hobart club girls are forced to use the public toilets and get changed outside because of a lack of facilities. Read more: This footy club has 130 girls, their training ground changerooms have one toilet and […]

Launceston’s Cataract Gorge is renowned for its “natural” beauty — but what many don’t realise is it took dynamite, the digging up of a swamp and the planting of scores of trees over 100 years ago to make it the tourism drawcard it is today. Read more: How Launceston tourism icon Cataract Gorge sprang from […]

When Nick Daking and his family came back from a holiday, they found a small crack between their garage and their house. They had no idea they’d bought their home in an area prone to landslides. Read more: Nick went on a holiday and came back to find his house 'literally falling away' Source: ABC […]

When musician Aaron Worker had a heart attack at 26, he feared he’d never be able to play the guitar again. A mechanical heart kept him alive while waiting for a transplant. Read more: When Aaron's heart stopped beating, finding a new one took a year Source: ABC News

An ex-bodybuilder who waterboarded and suffocated the man he believed had stolen his $22,000 Nissan Patrol, resulting in the man’s death, is sentenced to 22 years’ jail for murder. Read more: Ex-bodybuilder who tortured man to death had previous rape conviction, court told Source: ABC News

Beekeepers say they need to expand their hives into parts of Tasmania’s world heritage area to keep up with the demand for leatherwood honey, which is unique to the state. Read more: Beekeepers seek access to Tassie's remote forests as they struggle to find leatherwood flowers Source: ABC News

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