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For Kobe Dare, the revived Tasmanian Aboriginal language of palawa kani is “one of the strongest there is”. He’s learning to speak it, then going home to teach his parents. Read more: 11yo Kobe wants to be fluent in the language of his ancestors Source: ABC News

A cancer patient whose hysterectomy wound was split open after an assault by her former partner and carer, who has now won an appeal against his jail sentence, says she wants to see justice before she dies. Read more: 'No justice': Terminally ill woman's attacker to be re-sentenced Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian prosecutor describes the murder of tattooist Dwayne “Doc” Davies as “a crystallisation of a plan to kill Mr Davies that involved a chilling betrayal of a friend and a husband”. Read more: 'Chilling betrayal': Jury finds woman and her secret lover guilty of murder Source: ABC News

A man who assaulted his then-pregnant girlfriend on a weekly basis, destroyed her possessions by driving over them and smeared faeces on her clothes is jailed and described by the presiding judge as “domineering” and “cowardly”. Read more: 'Brutal, spiteful, vicious': Man who bashed pregnant girlfriend jailed Source: ABC News

In an six-hour police interview played to the jury, Ms Otto told detectives she and friend Bradley Purkiss had fantasised about living together and had often said things would be easier if her husband were dead. Read more: Woman accused of murdering husband denies asking for him to be killed Source: ABC News

Researchers at the University of Tasmania investigating wombat mange have unexpectedly discovered the “quite incredible” reason the animal’s scat is cubed. Read more: Ever wondered why wombat faeces is cubed? Researchers have found the answer Source: ABC News

A woman who illegally imported garlic bulbs, marking them as “office supplies”, and put Australia’s agriculture sector at risk will spend at least two months in jail. Read more: Actions of woman jailed for illegally importing garlic were 'outstandingly dangerous' Source: ABC News

The family of a woman violently stabbed to death by a man with shizophrenia has slammed the prison system which released him in the grip of psychotic delusions, saying prison authorities had blood on their hands. Read more: 'I feel very angry': Family of shopkeeper stabbed to death blames authorities Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian garlic grower admits to illegally importing thousands of bulbs and instructing overseas suppliers to mark the packages as “office supplies” in an attempt to avoid quarantine detection. Read more: Woman could face jail time for illegally importing garlic bulbs marked 'office supplies' Source: ABC News

A man who went on to fatally stab North Hobart shopkeeper Voula Delios was let out of jail early for showing good behaviour despite threats of violence to staff and inmates, an inquest hears. Read more: Shopkeeper's killer given early release before fatal stabbing despite making threats, inquest hears Source: ABC News

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