Author: Phoebe Hosier

A man who went on to fatally stab North Hobart shopkeeper Voula Delios was let out of jail early for showing good behaviour despite threats of violence to staff and inmates, an inquest hears. Read more: Shopkeeper's killer given early release before fatal stabbing despite making threats, inquest hears Source: ABC News

A Hobart woman tells a court she is “determined to never walk the same path again” as she pleads guilty to the manslaughter of a woman whose body was found in a burnt-out public housing unit in 2016. Read more: Woman 'deeply sorry' for brutal killing that followed meth row Source: ABC News

Earning the title ‘Aunty’ in Indigenous culture is not just about family and getting older. Three Tasmanian women share their stories about cultural survival and their hopes for the future. Read more: Meet three of Tasmania's female Aboriginal elders Source: ABC News

The Southern Huskies Basketball club withdraw from the New Zealand NBL and local NBL1 competitions, effective immediately — with a parting shot for the sport’s local governing body. Read more: 'Impossible to remain': Southern Huskies basketball club folds, barbs traded as to why Source: ABC News

The 60-year-old attacked the woman in her tent in the middle of the night at a state school rowing regatta at Lake Barrington, south of Devonport, while her teenage son and other parents and children slept in swags nearby. Read more: Coach jailed over rape of student's mum at school rowing camp Source: ABC News

A coronial inquest into the death of a Hobart man with a brain injury hears his housemate allegedly “rammed his head” into a wall at their unit in the months before his death. Read more: 'I knew Paul was going to die': Man had 'abusive' relationship with housemate, inquest hears Source: ABC News

A man who signed his former partner up to adult sex websites and sent her bank transfers of 1 cent each with threatening messages in the pay descriptions is jailed. Read more: 'Obsessive, malicious' stalker sent ex 187 bank transfers with abusive pay descriptions Source: ABC News

It’s an intersection on Tasmania’s main north-south highway that is claimed to scare locals and truck drivers, and new signage and redesign in 2017 are getting some blame for the latest fatality. Read more: 'Death trap': Residents want action on intersection after grandmother's death Source: ABC News

The Christian brother and sister ordered to pay a $2.3-million bill after refusing to pay income tax on the grounds it “goes against God’s will” are part of a Tasmanian honey farming family that has made headlines before. Read more: Christian siblings who refused to pay taxes come from Dutch honey-farming family Source: ABC News

A family that refused to pay tax because it was “against God’s will” are ordered to pay $2.3 million in outstanding taxes and other bills, as the judge tells them ‘thou shalt not pay tax’ is not in the Bible. Read more: Family who argued taxes 'against God's will' ordered to pay .3m bill Source: […]

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