Author: Phoebe Hosier

Whales were once so abundant in the river system of Hobart, residents of the 19th-century town would complain they were being kept awake at night — but once hunting began, it would not take long for all that to change. Read more: The history of whales in 'spectacular abundance' in Hobart Source: ABC News

The growing appetite for Tasmania’s original bush foods is not only educating palates, but helping Australians — and the world — better understand Aboriginal culture and language. Read more: Aboriginal bush tucker business winning hearts via the stomach Source: ABC News

Low-income pensioners Suzanne and Martin find the money each year to pay their share of council rates — but ask why some others are exempt, which remains the case in Tasmania after a High Court decision. Read more: 'Grossly unfair': Council rates review likely after High Court refusal Source: ABC News

Only a “handful” of birds escape after a fire kills 8,000 chickens at a family-owned business in Tasmania, with the cause a faulty heater “used to keep young chicks warm”, fire crews say. Read more: 'Tangled mess of twisted iron': Shed fire kills 8,000 chickens Source: ABC News

Most prospective church buyers are drawn to the “character, blank canvas and history”, real estate agents say, but it’s not all renovations and decorating — you might find “people in your backyard”. Read more: Of the 73 properties Tasmania's Anglican Diocese wants to sell, 66 are still on the market Source: ABC News

Boris the dog cost its owners $13,000 in vet bills when it ate a kebab skewer that became lodged in its heart, but it’s not uncommon for people to shell out thousands for their pets. Why are vet bills so high? Read more: 'Phenomenal overheads': Why does it cost so much to go to the […]

Tom and Jane Teniswood own more than 220 hectares of land at Little Swanport in Tasmania but are giving half of it to the Aboriginal community in a “symbol of action”. Read more: 'This land will relink us all': Tasmanian landowners return land to Aboriginals Source: ABC News

A new block of affordable housing for women aged over 50 in Hobart will open in response to the increasing number of women in the age group facing homelessness. Source: ABC News

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