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The Tasmanian Greens are heading towards what may end up being their worst election result in decades. Full Article: How it went south for the Greens in Tasmania Source: ABC News Tasmania

The Tasmanian Liberals say claims the party spent $5 million on advertising during the election campaign are “wildly exaggerated”, as Premier Will Hodgman indicates he will look into reforming the laws surrounding political donations. Full Article: Tasmanian Liberals reject million campaign spend claim Source: ABC News Tasmania

Lower socio-economic areas in Tasmania have nearly twice the number of tobacco outlets as better-off areas, and restricting retail licences in those areas could reduce smoking, a new study finds. Full Article: Reduce tobacco retailers in poorer areas to cut smoking, study suggests Source: ABC News Tasmania

Pub Choir is a phenomenon that started in Brisbane a year ago, but the fascination of uniting hundreds of strangers to learn a pop song as a collective voice expands nationally. Full Article: Regional Pub Choir proves its success away from city Source: ABC News Tasmania

The Greens are upbeat despite a horror result in the Tasmanian election leaving them with only one safe seat in the new parliament. Full Article: Greens' Tasmania vote slips further as support climbs in Victoria Source: ABC News Tasmania

After a rousing concession speech in the tally room on election night, Tasmanian Opposition Leader Rebecca White apologises for failing to congratulate the victorious Premier. Full Article: 'It was an oversight': White apologises for not congratulating Hodgman Source: ABC News Tasmania

With two seats still in doubt in the Tasmanian election, Antony Green takes a look at the Liberals’ historic victory. Full Article: Tasmanian election: Antony Green on Will Hodgman's historic victory Source: ABC News Tasmania

The Tasmanian Liberals have landed a second term of majority government under Will Hodgman. Full Article: Watch Will Hodgman's acceptance speech in full Source: ABC News Tasmania

The wooden brig Windeward Bound carries with it more Hobart history than the 20 years it’s been on the water. Full Article: Built from old Hobart, this is the story of tall ship Windeward Bound Source: ABC News Tasmania

The Premier’s personal popularity has not waned, but he gets as close as he would like to a difficult second term. Full Article: Will Hodgman's popularity saves his majority Source: ABC News Tasmania

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