Author: Tony Briscoe

A major program to combat fruit fly is underway in two Australian states where the Queensland fruit fly is not native to those areas. Read more: Aerial attack on fruit flies aims to eradicate pest in test areas Source: ABC News

Bereft of vineyards a couple of years ago, Forcett in south-east Tasmania, will soon have more than 200 hectares of wine grapes in the ground. Read more: Tasmania's newest vineyard area to become a force in wine industry Source: ABC News

For the past five years, hundreds of families have visited a small farm in southern Tasmania to pick a Christmas tree and take it home. Read more: How a part-time farm is becoming a thriving forest of Christmas trees Source: ABC News

Oliver Wichmann and Miquela McGuiness made such a success of growing microgreens and selling them to trendy Sydney restaurants that they decided to pack up their inner-city-backyard greenhouse to move to rural Tasmania. Read more: Have greenhouse will travel: Microgreens see couple swap inner-city lifestyle for rural acreage Source: ABC News

The first cannabis crop is underway at a Tasmanian greenhouse, at a top-secret location, to be exported as medicinal cannabis. Read more: All systems go to grow at top-secret Tasmanian cannabis greenhouse Source: ABC News

Dating back to 1827 Willow Court in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley is older than Port Arthur and now it’s about to open a new chapter in its long history. Read more: Rum distillery an intoxicating new vision for Australia's oldest asylum complex Source: ABC News

Growers in Australia are taking a keen interest in the world’s first commercial harvesting of apples using robotic machinery in New Zealand. Read more: Robotic eye fixed firmly on the apples in world-first commercial harvest Source: ABC News

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