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Almost six years after her father died in a mining accident on Tasmania’s west coast, Tameka Sylvester is still waiting for answers — with the family learning of inquest news via social media. Read more: 'It's up in your news feed': Miner's family learns of inquest news via social media Source: ABC News

A water scientist is backing Hamilton farmers’ concerns about threats to a local lake from a proposed fish hatchery, including the threat of algal blooms. Read more: 'Completely buggered': Farmers fear runoff from proposed hatchery Source: ABC News

Tasmania is brimming with history but anyone who owns a heritage-listed property knows it takes “buckets of money” to keep it up and running. Is it worth it? Read more: Is it worth saving heritage sites being held 'together with sticky tape and glue'? Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: A motorist is fined $963 and has had his car clamped for 28 days after allegedly being caught driving 172 kilometres per hour, and the University of Tasmania engages a “reputation protection” consultancy group. Read more: Tasmania news: Motorist fined almost ,000 after allegedly being caught driving 172kph Source: ABC News

After a year of couch surfing, Zetta Clifford could be forced to relocate to the mainland to find affordable accommodation, amid Tasmania’s housing crisis Read more: Zetta is just 18. She's been couch surfing for a year. Source: ABC News

The Liberals’ plan to open up World Heritage Area and national parks to more tourism developments has been contentious from day one — now, it has attracted the attention of Tasmania’s auditor-general. Read more: Probe into controversial plan to open up Tasmanian National Parks to private development Source: ABC News

With the September deadline for practical completion of the Royal Hobart Hospital’s new K-block redevelopment expired, the Government “needs to be upfront with Tasmanians” as to when it will be operational, Labor says. Read more: Labor ramps up pressure as Hobart hospital construction works drag on Source: ABC News

Australia’s island state is known for its rich history and pristine environment — it also provides 50 per cent of the raw materials that go into the powerful painkillers at the centre of the United States’ opioid crisis. Read more: How Australia's smallest state wound up in the middle of America's biggest drug crisis Source: […]

Jorgen Jorgenson visited Van Diemen’s Land when it was first settled — 20 years later he would return as a convict and former self-proclaimed king of Iceland. Read more: This man was a spy and former 'king' of Iceland before he was sent to Tasmania as a convict Source: ABC News

WATCH as police remove Extinction Rebellion protestors from Hobart’s Constitution Dock Bridge as they tie themselves to the bridge, demanding our government take action on climate change! Extinction Rebellion protestors also rallied on Parliment Lawns, in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and on Franklin Square this morning. The protests come as part of Extinction […]

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