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A Hobart court hears how a police officer thought he was going die as he stared into the eyes of a 17-year-old deliberately driving at him. Read more: Police officer struggling to recover after being hit by 17yo driver, court told Source: ABC News

Tasmania has banned GMOs for 18 years, but a review is now underway and one scientist says there is a moral responsibility to use genetic modification to develop more resilient crops and battle famine — however farmers are split over the issue. Read more: Tasmania has banned genetically modified food for 18 years — this […]

An all-star musical-theatre production shines a light on Tasmania’s convict past, and busts a few long-held myths along the way. Read more: Vandemonian Lags busts Tasmanian convict misery myths Source: ABC News

As the supermarkets lift the price of their milk after years of discounting, there are some who believe that it is still way too cheap. Read more: Economics professor says milk should be .56 a litre in 2019 Source: ABC News

Camilla Fogagnolo thought her sporting career was over, but she took on a new challenge in her thirties and is now a national champion. Read more: Newfound success shows Camilla's strength of character Source: ABC News

Isn’t it late for a cyclone? Why two at once? Could they collide? And between Trevor and Veronica, what happened to U? Your questions answered. Read more: BOM's extreme weather desk answers questions about two cyclones looming off Australian coasts Source: ABC News

The recall of hundreds of thousands of eggs due to the detection of salmonella is not a cause for panic, but should serve as a reminder for Australians to adopt proper food hygiene practices, a researcher says. Read more: Scientist urges education rather than 'panic' in wake of salmonella egg recall Source: ABC News

Susan Neill-Fraser’s daughter Sarah Bowles says her family is extremely grateful for the decision to grant her mother an appeal to her 2010 murder conviction. Read more: Susan Neill-Fraser's daughter speaks after winning right to appeal murder conviction Source: ABC News

Supporters of Hobart woman Susan Neill-Fraser cheer outside court and say they are “extremely grateful” after the 65-year-old wins the right to appeal her conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell. Read more: Cheers as convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal Source: ABC News

Some argue the long-awaited shakeup of live export rules released this week does not go far enough, while others warn they go too far and threaten the industry’s future. Read more: Live export industry says it's being 'regulated out of existence' as new rules released Source: ABC News

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