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If anybody has a reason to use disposable nappies, it’s Amy and Justin Ward. As parents of triplets, they realised just how much waste they were generating and made the switch to cloth nappies. Read more: 'Nappy influencers' driving shift from disposables to cloth Source: ABC News

The Christian brother and sister ordered to pay a $2.3-million bill after refusing to pay income tax on the grounds it “goes against God’s will” are part of a Tasmanian honey farming family that has made headlines before. Read more: Christian siblings who refused to pay taxes come from Dutch honey-farming family Source: ABC News

A rainbow-soaked cloud that appeared over Tasmanian skies this week has wowed some social media users and confused others, with many left wondering what it is and whether it is even real. Read more: 'Never seen anything like that': 'Rainbow cloud' wows weather watchers Source: ABC News

State and territory building ministers agree to create a nationally consistent approach to reform the industry, but residents of the now abandoned Mascot Towers say more needs to be done to help apartment owners stuck with defective units. Read more: Called on to fix the Australian dream turned 'nightmare', building ministers gather Source: ABC News

Opportunistic wedge-tailed eagles have been making a dent in a Tasmanian farm school’s chicken flock, prompting the school to turn an upsetting situation for students into a learning tool. Read more: Eagles swooped on a primary school's chickens, and then the lesson began Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: A kangaroo-chasing kelpie has a lucky escape after getting stuck partway down a huge cliff in Launceston, and winter bushwalkers are urged to remain cautious after a week of drama. Read more: Live: Tasmanian News: Ralphie gives police a cliffhanger ending, walkers told to use caution Source: ABC News

They might not rumble like a Harley Davidson, but for this bunch of two-wheeled enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than cruising on a comfy Vespa. Read more: These scooter riders are happy to stay in the slow lane Source: ABC News

Police and emergency services are now responding to three separate crashes on the Southern Outlet between Hobart and Kingston.   Here’s what we know: South-bound there is a serious crash between a car and a motorbike. South-bound there is also a crash between two cars. No injuries have been reported in this crash. North-bound traffic […]

A family that refused to pay tax because it was “against God’s will” are ordered to pay $2.3 million in outstanding taxes and other bills, as the judge tells them ‘thou shalt not pay tax’ is not in the Bible. Read more: Family who argued taxes 'against God's will' ordered to pay .3m bill Source: […]

This pale king penguin spotted on Macquarie Island has plenty of picture appeal, but there’s some very real consequences to standing out from the crowd. Read more: Rare white penguin hopes birds of a different feather still flock together Source: ABC News

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