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Rescued Victorian bushwalker Michael Bowman says he might not have lasted another night in the Tasmanian wilderness, as the deep snow around his tent was beginning to melt, making the inside wet, on top of the frigid temperatures. Read more: Rescued hiker says he might not have lasted another night Source: ABC News

Victorian man Michael Bowman describes using a sleeping bag and garbage bags to stay warm and dry while stranded for more than a week during freezing conditions in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Read more: Bushwalker rescued after week in Tasmanian snow 'wouldn't have survived another night' Source: ABC News

In Australia, they are the late-night spinners — a global network of Tour de France television spectators who sit at their spinning wheels creating yarn. Read more: Forget the Tour de France, what about the Tour de Fleece? Source: ABC News

When Alison’s marriage broke down when she was in her 50s, she wanted to borrow money to keep one of the houses she owned with her husband in her own name. She believes her bank declined her application due to her age. Read more: Too old to borrow? Alison believes her bank knocked her back […]

DAILY BRIEFING: A batch of new recruits bolsters Tasmania’s firefighting personnel, and the death of humpback whale is to be investigated. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Rookie firefighters join the ranks, whale death to be probed Source: ABC News

From Ireland’s heartland to coastal Victoria, Australian convicts brought with them magic and superstition. Their symbols are still being uncovered today. Read more: Hexafoils and hidden boots — finding the magic symbols of Australia's 'forgotten history' Source: ABC News

The warning sign at the start of one of Tasmania’s most popular walking trails spells it out, in several languages — with photos to drive the point home. The wilderness is “beautiful”, but “deadly”. Read more: 'Beautiful one day, deadly the next': Shelter the only hope when weather turns in wilderness Source: ABC News

Rescue teams praise a Victorian bushwalker for staying put for a week in the wilderness after becoming separated from his emergency beacon. Read more: Victorian bushwalker airlifted to safety from Tasmanian wilderness Source: ABC News

A WA father and daughter have been airlifted to safety after becoming snowbound in Tasmania’s remote wilderness. Read more: Family reunited after snow rescue Source: ABC News

Rescuers praise bushwalker Michael Bowman for sitting it out in a tent for more than a week after he became separated in thick fog in the Tasmanian wilderness from his backpack containing an emergency beacon. Read more: Bushwalkers missing in Tasmanian wilderness during severe weather all found safe Source: ABC News

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