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There have been multiple sightings of blue-ringed octopus at beaches across Tasmania, but a lack of data means it’s unknown whether their numbers are swelling. Read more: Sightings of shy but deadly octopus spike in Tasmania Source: ABC News

Whales were once so abundant in the river system of Hobart, residents of the 19th-century town would complain they were being kept awake at night — but once hunting began, it would not take long for all that to change. Read more: The history of whales in 'spectacular abundance' in Hobart Source: ABC News

Hobart grandmother Susan Neill-Fraser is expected to today find out whether her bid to appeal her conviction for the 2009 murder of her de-facto partner has been successful. What happens next? Read more: Convicted murderer Susan Neill-Fraser set to learn outcome of appeal bid Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian Government department told the independent RSPCA how to respond to media inquiries regarding the deaths of 16 polo ponies, the day after its boss called on the department to urgently release details about the case. Read more: Biosecurity boss gave RSPCA chief 'talking points' after polo pony deaths, RTI reveals Source: ABC News

A Launceston man who pleaded guilty to murder picked up a hammer and struck his victim while they were drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis together, a court hears. Read more: Murderer 'lost it' after victim's 'paedo dog' comment, court hears Source: ABC News

A full-page newspaper ad that warned proposed legislation which would make gender optional on birth certificates in Tasmania would have “serious implications for children’s safety” is criticised as “uneducated” by transgender advocates. Read more: Transgender advocates 'gobsmacked' by ad opposing birth certificate changes Source: ABC News

Rosalie ‘Occy Rose’ Schwertfeger taught her 10-year-old son how to pluck an octopus from the water and cook it up on an open-grill fire. Decades later, he’s keeping the tradition alive. Read more: 'Occy Rose' was Tasmania's first octopus hunter — then her secret spot was discovered Source: ABC News

Convicted Tasmanian paedophile John Wayne Millwood will walk free from prison today after serving two years for child sex crimes, but he will be banned from returning to his home town of Launceston. Read more: Paedophile John Millwood banned from home town of Launceston Source: ABC News

The waiting is nearly over and the wraps are about to come off AFL season 2019 — let’s have a look at what’s up for grabs, and the questions we’ll find answers to. Read more: Here are the questions to be answered in the 2019 AFL season Source: ABC News

European carp is known as the “rabbit of the river” due to its prolific breeding habits, but the 25-year battle to eradicate it from Tasmanian lakes is nearing an end. Read more: Tasmania poised to declare victory in war against carp Source: ABC News

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