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Emergency services are searching for a 57-year-old man missing in an area of Tasmanian wilderness where heavy snow is falling and the average mean temperature this month has been 0.5 degrees Celsius. Read more: Bushwalker missing in freezing conditions in Cradle Mountain National Park Source: ABC News

Creating Lego masterworks is not only a fun hobby for Dianne Harris, it’s also a very effective therapy for her degenerative disease. Read more: Adult Lego making therapy fun, one brick at a time Source: ABC News

Gambling giant Federal Group reconsiders the concept for its accommodation development at Port Arthur, and will not confirm whether the final proposal will be the luxury hotel that was originally planned. Read more: Port Arthur hotel proponent looking at 'alternative concepts' after feedback Source: ABC News

Imagine being a student in a Tasmanian classroom in the 1800s — it’s likely you would have been studying from an Irish textbook in a cold school house with a teenaged teacher. Read more: Cold, crowded and six days a week — no wonder kids hated school Source: ABC News

A public relations firm boasting two former Liberal party senior advisers purchases two regional Tasmanian newspapers, installing as editor a controversial former adviser to the Premier. Read more: Media diversity concerns as PR firm takes control of Tasmanian regional papers Source: ABC News

The largest study of country newspapers ever undertaken in Australia is hoping to develop sustainable models that can help the declining regional media landscape survive into the future. Read more: Who stole our news? Bid to stop slow death of regional newsrooms Source: ABC News

The Hobart City Council recently voted down an apartment development amid a housing crisis, but why would it do that? The answer lies with Tasmania’s planning laws. Read more: Sometimes Tasmanian councillors can't approve developments even if they want to. This is why Source: ABC News

David Holland was diagnosed with terminal leukemia almost three years ago. He’s spent a lot of time thinking about how and when he wants to die. Read more: David has terminal leukemia. When he dies he wants to be 'in control' Source: ABC News

A weather front marks the battleground where opposing air masses collide. But what does it mean for you? Read more: What is a cold front and why does it do so much damage? Source: ABC News

For years Calum Sanderson struggled to leave the house as he battled morbid obesity that felt “unbeatable”, but he was knocked back for lap-band surgery because he “was deemed not sick enough”. Read more: 'Not sick enough': At 210kg Calum needed diabetes to qualify for lap-band surgery Source: ABC News

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