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DAILY BRIEFING: Fresh from walking away from his horror crash in Italy, race driver Alex Peroni is all smiles in hospital, as police renew their call for help to find a thief. Read more: Tasmania Now: Peroni in good spirits after race crash, knife-wielding thief still at large Source: ABC News

A dam project in a Tasmanian municipality has blown the local council’s budget, with residents saying the salmon farming giant which is set to benefit most from the dam should pay for its completion. Read more: Tassal pipeline leaves east coast council high and dry Source: ABC News

Vision from the 1954 expedition to establish Mawson Station in Antarctica. Read more: The 1954 expedition to establish Mawson Station Source: ABC News

A ship left Melbourne in January 1954 to set up Australia’s first Antarctic base. Facing harsh conditions and the unknown, the pioneers built Mawson Station. Read more: Two cans of beer per week and 40 words home in a month for Antarctic pioneers Source: ABC News

Tasmanian driver Alex Peroni sustains a broken vertebra but walks away from a spectacular crash at Monza in Italy, with his survival attributed to his helmet and the round bar which protects drivers’ heads. Read more: 'Saved by halo and helmet': Australian F3 racer walks away from horror crash Source: ABC News

We take a trip down memory lane with a ‘now and then’ look at pools and baths all around Australia, contributed by the ABC audience. Read more: Australia's pools, now and then Source: ABC News

A severe weather warning for Tasmania’s east coast is cancelled but heavy rain continues to fall in the region, with snow in the highlands. Read more: Severe weather warning cancelled, as rain keeps falling — but not enough to break drought Source: ABC News

Thylacine in captivity at Hobart’s Beaumaris Zoo, filmed in the 1930s. Read more: Thylacine in captivity at Hobart's Beaumaris Zoo, filmed in the 1930s (TMAG) Source: ABC News

In its prime, the thylacine was at the top of the food chain in Australia and its small island to the south. Now, decades after its extinction, the hunt for the Tasmanian tiger is still very much alive. Read more: Decades after its extinction, the hunt for the thylacine is very much alive Source: ABC […]

Sources have confirmed the $150 million public housing debt owed by Tasmania will be waived, as demanded by Senator Jacqui Lambie in exchange for her vote on the Federal Government’s tax cuts. Read more: Welfare sector welcomes waiving of Tasmania's 0m public housing debt Source: ABC News

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