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The Dalys say they are not “competition-enterers”, so you might be able to imagine their surprise to find out they have been crowned Australia’s Farmers of the Year. Read more: 'Shocked and stoked': Daughter's secret nomination wins farmers surprise award Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: An investigation is launched into a social media video showing a wombat on a blood-spattered car, and the Hobart City Council is one step closer to drug testing councillors. Read more: Tasmania Now: Wombat cruelty allegations under investigation Source: ABC News

Reports from people convinced they have seen Tasmanian tigers in the wild are released, with observers describing encounters with “cat-like creatures” they were “100 per cent certain” were thylacines. Read more: Tasmanian tiger spotters tell of stripes, cubs and animals the 'size of kelpies' in 'sighting' reports Source: ABC News

Knittings nannas arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest in Hobart Read more: Knittings nannas arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest in Hobart Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: Hobart gets tough on smokers with fines to be issued for flouting bans, and the Greens want a ban on new coal mines being opened in Tasmania. Read more: Tasmania Now: Anti-smoking officer to patrol Hobart, Greens push for new coal mine ban Source: ABC News

A video shared on social media of a young man taunting a wombat soon after it was apparently hit by a four-wheel-drive angers a wildlife carer, who describes the man’s actions as the “weakest of the weak”. WARNING: Graphic images. Read more: Snapchat video of men taunting wombat outrages wildlife advocates Source: ABC News

Elective surgery relief for Sally McShane is still years away under Tasmania’s worsening waiting list. One doctor says his request for a male patient be moved up the list, was met with an “inappropriate” hospital letter. Read more: Doctor 'made to feel guilty' for requesting patients be treated sooner Source: ABC News

Almost six years after her father died in a mining accident on Tasmania’s west coast, Tameka Sylvester is still waiting for answers — with the family learning of inquest news via social media. Read more: 'It's up in your news feed': Miner's family learns of inquest news via social media Source: ABC News

A water scientist is backing Hamilton farmers’ concerns about threats to a local lake from a proposed fish hatchery, including the threat of algal blooms. Read more: 'Completely buggered': Farmers fear runoff from proposed hatchery Source: ABC News

Tasmania is brimming with history but anyone who owns a heritage-listed property knows it takes “buckets of money” to keep it up and running. Is it worth it? Read more: Is it worth saving heritage sites being held 'together with sticky tape and glue'? Source: ABC News

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