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A woman who has pleaded not guilty to murdering her tattooist husband with her former lover told police she saw her co-accused as her “protector and perhaps even saviour”, a Supreme Court jury in Hobart hears. Read more: Woman accused of murdering husband said it would be 'easier if he was dead', court hears Source: […]

While traditional agricultural shows are struggling to survive in Tasmania, small towns around the state are welcoming the cash boost local rodeo competitions can bring. Read more: 'It brings life to the communities': When the rodeo comes to town, so do the people Source: ABC News

Mother-of-six Leeanne Reeves began her adoption journey 25 years ago, and says there were so many challenges and disappointments she nearly gave up. In her 50s, she moved to Ethiopia to adopt her two youngest daughters. Read more: Leeanne met Tigist and couldn't leave her behind — so she moved to Ethiopia Source: ABC News

As a federal election and what should be the southern wet season approach, attention is returning to the drought. So where are we at? Read more: State of the drought: Dams are empty and NSW is drowning in dust Source: ABC News

The annual Taste of the Huon festival always draws thousands, but in the aftermath of this year’s bushfires, organisers say this weekend’s is the most important in the event’s 27 years. Read more: Taste of Huon festival injects much-needed cash after fires Source: ABC News

Damon Upton-Greer is aware of the risks in the combat sport Muay Thai, in which the aim is to strike your opponent in the head, but he loves the sport, and pursued it after a near-death experience. Read more: 'We're not just thugs' — a man's itch to be a Muay Thai fighter Source: ABC […]

More than a century before digital cameras and social media, a pioneer photographer set out on a packhorse to capture Tasmania’s wilderness and share his images with the world. Read more: This man was the Instagram champion of his time for Tasmania Source: ABC News

A series of intriguing connections between boardroom players behind the scenes of Nant’s collapse raises new questions about who got paid while others lost millions. Read more: Meet the men who got paid while Nant Whisky investors lost millions Source: ABC News

It’s been 12 months since Tasmania’s Government convened an emergency housing summit, but despite some improvements, more than 3,200 people remain on the waiting list for public housing and advocates say the crisis remains acute. Read more: When 16-year-old Hayley left home, her only option was to go to a women's shelter Source: ABC News

So what’s going on in Tassie? Giant turnips, cabbages and now pumpkins are starting to dominate the landscape, with one farmer likening it to an extreme sport. Read more: 'It's a great sport': Extreme pumpkin grower hoping for a PB at next show Source: ABC News

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