Hobart covered in SMOKE, some residents asked to EVACUATE!

Written by on October 29, 2019

Dozens of residents in the small town of Lachlan (near New Norfolk) have been forced to flee their homes this afternoon, after an emergency level bushfire on Moss Beds Road, Top Swamp Road & Surrounding Areas burnt out of control. The fire at Lachlan is expected to put the area at high risk within the next 4 hours.

Photo: Lily Taylor

This fire will be difficult to control.

Burning embers, falling on Moss Beds Road, Top Swamp Road & Surrounding Areas, Lachlan will threaten your home before the main fire.

Smoke and ash will make it difficult to see and breathe.

Smoke from the Tasman Bridge this afternoon!

There are currently 4 alert level bushfires burning in the state (as of 6:15 PM – 29/10/2019).

🔴 EMERGENCYMoss Beds Road, Top Swamp Road & Surrounding Areas, Lachlan

🟡 WATCH & ACTYearsley Road and Grahams Creek Road, Elderslie

🔵 ADVICESlatterys and Snug Tiers Road, Electrona

🔵 ADVICELefroy

Mt Wellington, covered in thick bushfire smoke this afternoon, as seen from the Hobart CBD!

What to do:

If your home is well prepared for high risk fires and you can actively defend it, it should provide shelter.

If your home is unprepared, go to a safer location now (only if the path is clear).

There is no evacuation centre in place at this point in time.

There is a nearby safer place at Gleeson Park, Lachlan.

If your family has made a bushfire survival plan, use it now.

If you don’t live near the affected areas, stay away!

Listen to ABC Local Radio or look at www.fire.tas.gov.au for more information.

PHOTO: Kylie Sav-Hill

PHOTO: Kirsten Lane


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