Our guide to DAB+ Digital Radios

Written by on November 25, 2018

DAB+ is the new way for Southern Tasmanians to listen to radio!

Digital Radio (DAB+) provides crystal clear, CD like quality reception of all of your favourite AM and FM radio stations, as well as dozens of new, digital only radio stations.

Currently, Southern Tasmanians can only receive stations from the ABC and SBS, however, starting early next year, stations from Tasmanian commercial and community broadcasters will become available on Digital Radio!

Unlike internet radio, DAB+ does not need internet access, and is completely free to listen!

DAB+ is available in most areas of Southern Tasmania. If you are unsure if you are able to receive DAB+ where you live, please contact us and we can provide assistance.

DAB+ allows you to simply scroll through a list of stations, unlike AM and FM where you have to waste time trying to find the correct frequency.
DAB+ radios come with easy to read LCD screens that show information such as the artist and title of the current song, news and weather. Some digital radios can even show pictures on the screen!

DAB+ has no static noise, unlike AM and FM, and is much less susceptible to interference than traditional AM and FM radio.
For those who listen to AM radio you’ll be pleased to know all existing Tasmanian AM stations will be avaliable on DAB+ radio, and will sound drastically clearer.

Here is Pulse FM’s guide to purchasing a digital radio:


Did you know that you can listen to Digital Radio in your car?
Many modern cars have DAB+ included as standard, with some manufactures including DAB+ as an optional extra.
You can see if your car radio supports DAB+ by clicking on the ‘band’ button. Speak with your local car dealership about having your car fitted with DAB+.

If your car does not already support DAB+, you can purchase an aftermarket adapter, which converts the digital radio signals into analog FM signals. These devices usually are inserted into the cigarette lighter port on your car, and include a small antenna which you stick to your windshield.

Pulse FM recommends this unbranded converter, which retails at just $45 AU (at the time of writing).
For a more ‘premium’ option, we recommend the Kogan DAB+ Converter or the Pure Highway.



Did you know you can wake up to the sounds of your favourite digital radio station?

You’ll just need a DAB+ enabled clock radio. Not a digital clock radio, a DAB+ clock radio.

We recommend the the Qudo DAB+ Clock Radio ($58), the XCD DAB+ Clock Radio ($89), Sangean DCR-89 ($115) and the Richter Wake ($149).



To listen to DAB+ on the go, like when walking or on public transport, we recommend you use the Sangean DPR39 ($84).





We recommend portable DAB radios such as the Kmart Digital Radio ($24), the Blaupunkt BR50 ($49), the Flea Market DAB+ Portable Radio ($59), the Panasonic Portable DAB+ Radio ($99), the Blaupunkt BR-80DABC ($99), the Pure Elan 3 ($129), the JBL Portable Bluetooth/DAB+ Radio ($129), the Sangean DPR26BT ($189) and the Sangean DPR16CW ($209).



Did you know that you can listen to digital radio on the jobsite, with a DAB+ jobsite radio?

We recommend the Sangean DABBOX ($198), the Makita DMR110 ($199) and the Sangean U4DBT ($259).

Reader's opinions
  1. Janine Allcock   On   November 28, 2018 at 6:12 am

    Thanks for the article, do you know if any of the radios would work at Lachlan, near New Norfolk. We currently can’t access AM or FM successfully due to static most of the time ?

    • Josh Agnew   On   December 2, 2018 at 7:12 pm

      Hi Janine,

      Yes, they should – hopefully!
      Both Officeworks and Harvey Norman have a wide range of DAB+ radios, and have a great return policy. So, you can purchase a DAB+ radio, and if you find that it doesn’t work, you can take it back to the store for a full refund.

      Let us know how you go!

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