OUTRAGE after recycling truck mishap!

Written by on October 11, 2019

The Kingborough council are facing backlash from environmentally concerned residents after a Veolia rubbish collection truck was seen emptying a recycling bin and a general waste bin into the same garbage truck!

In a statement, Mayor of Kingborough Dean Winter said “Veolia have investigated and reviewed the entire run by the driver, which is hundreds of pickups. There was one occasion where the driver picked up a garbage bin and put the contents into the recycling. That is the pickup on the video. It’s a pretty easy mistake to make and that’s why we have additional processes in place to sort recycling from waste further down the chain.”

“The recycling run in question was taken to the Lutana recycling facility and the rubbish will have been removed during sorting. While it’s not ideal, it’s important to note there is no adverse impact on recycling. We’re proud of our record on waste management and a video of a single incorrect pickup doesn’t accurately reflect our commitment to best practice waste management.”

Watch as a Blackmans Bay resident captures the moment a neighbour’s rubbish and recycling are emptied into the same garbage truck (via ABC Hobart).

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