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A former Queensland Government whistleblower is hoping to snatch a Senate ticket for the Greens in Tasmania, as concerns are raised about whether it is safe to swim at Easter because of water quality issues. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Easter swimming concerns, whistleblower joins Senate bid Source: ABC News

Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city, and there are thousands of convicts, earlier settlers and Indigenous Tasmanians buried under the city’s schools, churches and private homes. Read more: If you walk around Hobart, you could be standing on someone's grave Source: ABC News

A simple “no junk mail” sign can generally ward off glossy advertising, but how can you limit the countless political pamphlets bombarding your mailbox? Read more: Sick of getting election leaflets in your mailbox? A 'no junk mail' sign won't protect you Source: ABC News

A 29-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl are in custody over the shooting death of 22-year-old Jarrod Leigh Turner, whose body was found on the side of a road in Richmond on the weekend, police say. Read more: 14yo girl among two in custody over shooting death of Hobart father Source: ABC News

Opposition leader Bill shorten clarifies his superannuation policy after suggesting Labor had no plans to increase taxes on super contributions. Read more: Shorten says 'I should have picked the words better' Source: ABC News

Families are increasingly taking caravan and camping holidays, enjoying a sense of community and a temporary return to a more carefree parenting style and a childhood freedom reminiscent of decades gone by. Read more: Caravan park holidays allow kids to just be kids and parents to relax Source: ABC News

Tasmania is home to 180 “giant trees” more than 85 metres tall or with more than 280 cubic metres of girth, but enthusiasts have discovered at least 15 of the giants have been destroyed by the state’s summer bushfires. Read more: 500yo forest giant among trees reduced to 'pile of ash' by summer bushfires Source: […]

Two giant tree enthusiasts are “disappointed” to find that many of Tasmania’s listed trees have been consumed in the summer bushfires. Read more: Tree enthusiasts assess giant tree damage in Tasmania Source: ABC News

Opponents to the proposed cable car development in Hobart swell a public meeting, police released an image of a hooded thief who tied up a young betting shop worker and a dad survives being lost at sea by snacking on lolly snakes. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: CCTV image of thief released, kayaker's s-s-secret to […]

Tasmania’s major salmon farmers have paid just a few thousand dollars in fines since the State Government introduced a “zero tolerance” approach to marine debris. Read more: Salmon industry 'paying pittance' for marine debris fines Source: ABC News

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