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Railton is full of topiary — with hedges cleverly clipped into animals, words and objects — but there are hopes it can reinvent itself and boost its economy like the north-east town of Derby on the back of newly-opened mountain bike tracks. Read more: Railton hopes to top topiary with a mountain bike-led revival in […]

Railton hopes for bike-lead recovery Read more: Railton hopes for bike-lead recovery Source: ABC News

A social welfare advocate says without the Federal Government’s support, poorer Tasmanians without housing will be “left behind”, dismissing the State Government’s latest efforts for short-term accommodation solutions. Read more: Call for federal intervention in Tasmanian housing crisis as latest plan fails to impress Source: ABC News

Multi-million dollar wind farms are springing to life in Tasmania, and there are billions of dollars more in the pipeline. How will that affect the power security of the state or even Australia? Read more: Are wind farms the 'Formula One cars' of our future power systems? Source: ABC News

Senator Lisa Singh says fourth place on the Labor ticket was “a bridge too far to cross”, and wants Labor to get rid of any intimidatory preselection processes. Read more: 'I was up against it': Departing Senator Lisa Singh advises Labor reviews Source: ABC News

Michele and Georges Meffre sold their belongings in France, spent 20 years sailing around the world — adopting two Chilean children along the way — before calling Tasmania home. Read more: 'On a yacht nobody can help you': A French couple's 20-year adventure ends in Tasmania Source: ABC News

Deciding to use a sperm donor is not always an easy choice, and for Heather it was complicated by the fact she was conceived using donor sperm. She’s one of many donor children who want more transparency around their biological fathers. Read more: Meet the second generation of children being born through sperm donations Source: […]

The 18 expeditioners at Antarctica’s Davis Station have farewelled the sun and won’t see it again for five weeks. Read more: Working in the dark is just a way of life (way) down south Source: ABC News

Landcare Australia turns 30 this year, but many of its original members fear its impact will wane as volunteers retire or cut back their involvement. Read more: Landcare has been going for 30 years but the next generation is taking it for granted Source: ABC News

The Tasmanian Government is considering using pre-fabricated units at homelessness shelters and paying for beds in hotels as a short-term way to house the state’s homeless as the winter cold descends. Read more: Homeless to be housed in pre-fab units as urgent short-term fix for Tasmanian winter Source: ABC News

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