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DAILY BRIEFING: Tasmania becomes the second highest performing state in the country economically, and an MLC wants the political donation law review finalised. Read more: Tasmania Now: Tasmania's economy booming, MLC calls for review to be finalised Source: ABC News

Onlookers at the Royal Hobart Show are left in shock when a rodeo bull breaks its hind leg and begins limping in the arena. WARNING: This story includes images which are distressing. Read more: 'No-one's helping it': Rodeo bull euthanised after 'freak injury' Source: ABC News

A rodeo event at the Royal Hobart show is facing a backlash after spectators filmed an injured cow limping in an enclosure. Read more: The steer was filmed limping in the rodeo enclosure by an onlooker. Source: ABC News

Residents of a heritage town in northern Tasmania accuse the Government of not consulting them over plans for a new prison nearby, and demand to know the location of other potential sites. Read more: 'This is a David and Goliath battle': Anger spills over at public meeting against prison plans Source: ABC News

As Antarctic icebreaker Aurora Australis launches into its last season, there are many stories to tell, including a love story. Read more: A voyage on the Aurora Australis changed Sarah's life forever Source: ABC News

Planes are being used to fight a fire in Tasmania’s Central Highlands where a major fire earlier this year destroyed thousands of hectares of bush. Read more: Planes brought in to fight fire in Tasmania's Central Highlands as winds pick up Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: Police are using the rescue helicopter to search for a man at Roaring Beach, while ex-Launceston mayor Janie Finlay will run as MLC. Read more: Tasmania Now: Rescue helicopter searching for bushwalker, Finlay's tilt at politics Source: ABC News

Sudden stratospheric warming — it’s great for the ozone layer at the South Pole, but not so great for heat and rain levels over the next few months. Read more: Hot dry conditions ahead as the South Pole records smallest ozone hole in decades Source: ABC News

‘A pleasant pastime’ is over for Tasmanian flower grower Peter Botting. He has pruned his last peony leaving the industry in capable hands. Read more: Tasmanian peony pioneer retires, selling the farm to first-time flower growers Source: ABC News

Julie Gough’s 25-year quest to tell history through art is captured across more than 30 works that range from unsettling to searing. Read more: Dark chapters of Tasmania's colonisation are brought to light in artist's exhibition Source: ABC News

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