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How did the accused Darwin gunman, parolee Ben Hoffmann, get his hands on a shotgun and allegedly kill four people? Likely with relative ease, according to an expert. Read more: 'Entrenched secrecy' among police when it comes to tracking illicit guns, expert says Source: ABC News

You don’t need to travel to the South Pole to get a perfect photo of the green and pink lights of the aurora australis — there’s incredible vantage points right here in our own backyard. Read more: Here are the best spots to see the southern lights around Australia Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: The Department of Justice denies triple murderer Matthew De Gruchy’s request to live in Tasmania and a 68-year-old man is in a serious condition after being hit by a large truck in Sandy Bay. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Notorious killer's bid to move to Tasmania blocked Source: ABC News

The relative of a baby who died, despite being known to Tasmanian child safety services, tells the Minister the child “is not something you can sweep under the carpet”. Read more: 'Please show some empathy': Relative's plea to Minister after baby dies Source: ABC News

Darren Ward Gale is found guilty of murdering his former housemate Noel Joseph Ingham, whose headless body was found in a shallow grave in Tasmania in 2016. Read more: 'Callous act': Man who decapitated, buried housemate found guilty of murder Source: ABC News

The company behind the cable car proposal for Hobart’s kunanyi/Mount Wellington will charge $64 per Tasmanian family per ride and says it now wants to build an outdoor cinema on top of the mountain. Read more: 'Make up your own mind': Mount Wellington summit ride price, cinema plans revealed Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Police lay drug trafficking charges against six people after Wednesday’s dawn raids, while Huon Valley Council is moving to electric cars. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Six charged with drug trafficking, local council moves to electric cars Source: ABC News

I am Aboriginal Tasmanian and before our constitution was amended I did not exist. But in 2014, a small group of our people came up with a radical new approach, writes Emma Lee. Read more: We 'love-bombed' the Government. The results were astounding Source: ABC News

Every Tasmanian has heard it, and if you are not from Australia’s island state you’ve probably made a joke at their expense — but where did the two-headed Tasmanian myth come from? Read more: What is the origin of the joke about Tasmanians having two heads? Source: ABC News

The Hobart City Council could be voting on the divisive cable car proposal for Hobart’s kunanyi/Mount Wellington as early as August after the company behind it lodges a formal development application. Read more: Cable car for Mount Wellington a step closer after application lodged Source: ABC News

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