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With a rapidly ageing population, few Australians have been left untouched from navigating the vast and often complicated aged-care system  — be it for a parent, partner or themselves. Read more: 'It's in crisis': Australia's looming problem of growing old at home Source: ABC News

Two young boys die in quad bike accidents on opposite sides of the country, after the ATVs they are driving roll over. The seven-year-old boy is the third West Australian to die on a quad bike in four months. Read more: Boys aged 7 and 9 die in quad bike accidents in rural WA and […]

A man believed to be aged in his 20s is found dead on the side of the Colebrook Road in Richmond, north of Hobart. Read more: Tasmania Police treating death of man found on side road as suspicious Source: ABC News

Extra funding has been announced to help Tasmanian communities recover from the summer’s devastating bushfires, but it remains unclear whether there will be any additional money for firefighting in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Read more: Federal Government urged to 'stump up' for wilderness bushfire funds Source: ABC News

A small island off Tasmania’s coast has become a haven for a subspecies of wombat only found on one other island in Australia, and they’re one of three genetically different wombat subspecies. Read more: Scientists discover wombats on Tasmania's islands are one of three subspecies Source: ABC News

Tasmania’s Central Plateau holds a special allure for fly fishers the world over. For author and fishing identity Greg French there’s no better place to catch a fish, but that’s under threat from the whirring blades of a helicopter access proposal. Read more: Fly fishing in the Land of One Thousand Lakes Source: ABC News

A doctor calls on either the State or Federal Government to fund a free meningococcal B vaccine after a 10-month-old contracted the disease in the state’s north. Read more: Doctor calls for free meningococcal B vaccine after baby diagnosed with disease Source: ABC News

A decision progressing Petuna’s fish farming application in Storm Bay is questioned over concerns that biosecurity, boating and environmental issues were not properly scrutinised. Read more: 'What's the point?': Incomplete fish farm panel 'green light' condemned Source: ABC News

Toni Linley and her husband can hear prison sirens “all the time”, but decided neighbouring Risdon Prison is maximum security so the inmates are unlikely to get out. Read more: Sharing a street with Tasmania's maximum-security prison — this couple says it's paradise Source: ABC News

Clayton McCuddon has been in the caravan park industry for just three years, but he’s already considering giving it away, saying he can’t compete with free and low-cost camping sites — both official and unofficial — springing up around Tasmania. Read more: Is the rise of free camping killing the traditional caravan park? Source: ABC […]

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