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DAILY BRIEFING: Hobart man Chauncy Aaron Bell, 35, is due to be sentenced today for the crime of sexual intercourse with a minor, and a committee gives conditional approval for a Fragrance Group Hobart hotel Read more: Tasmania Now: Man guilty of sex with minor, conditional approval for Hobart hotel Source: ABC News

The Tasmanian Government is acting as if it is in minority, according to one political analyst, as parliamentarians — and Labor — question the slowdown of the Hodgman Liberals’ legislative agenda. Read more: Liberals 'hamstrung' by Hickey, Labor says, as legislative agenda slows Source: ABC News

It took two years and $10,000 in legal fees for Grace Tame to be able to tell her own story. But for other victims in Tasmania and the NT, an unfair law still keeps them gagged, writes Nina Funnell. Read more: While Grace has shared her story, thousands more still can't tell theirs Source: ABC […]

Six million litres of untreated sewage and stormwater spills into Hobart’s main waterway but authorities seek to reassure the public that it is a “very large and deep” part of the river. Read more: Sewage spills into Hobart's river after power failure Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: Prison contraband seizures spike over three years, and a small Tasmanian town celebrates everything to do with chocolate. Read more: Tasmania Now: Prison contraband seizures soar, chocolate boosts town's economy Source: ABC News

Life is only getting harder for low-income Tasmanians, who are being forced to use internet they can’t afford to access government services and apply for jobs, welfare groups say. Read more: Digital access divide grows in Tasmania's disadvantaged communities Source: ABC News

Grace Tame was groomed and abused by her maths teacher when she was 15. For the first time, she can finally share her story. Read more: Gagged by law, finally this woman can tell her story Source: ABC News

Dive club members at the University of Tasmania were determined to take to the water this weekend so undeterred by winter they tried diving in a lake 1,000 metres above sea level. Read more: Divers take the plunge in wintry lake Source: ABC News

As cold rain poured down yesterday morning, most Tasmanians stayed snuggled up in bed, but not some members of a university dive club who instead opted to go for a dip in an icy mountain lake. Read more: 'The devices we were breathing through actually froze up': Divers take dip in icy lake Source: ABC […]

Graham Freeman only dreamed he would be able to harvest these redwoods when he planted them in northern Tasmania in the early 1980s. Some of them are now an impressive 30 metres high. Read more: This Tasmanian farmer has been California dreamin' for 36 years Source: ABC News

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