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Tasmania’s Lower House passes the Marriage Amendments Bill after Liberal speaker Sue Hickey votes with the Opposition parties to allow debate, with transgender campaigner Martine Delaney declaring the changes will save lives. Read more: Tasmania becomes first state to make gender optional on birth certificate Source: ABC News

Traffic is brought to a standstill in Melbourne’s CBD as tens of thousands of protesters, led by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, rally for an overhaul of industrial relations laws and higher wages for workers. Read more: Tens of thousands shut down Melbourne streets to call for better pay Source: ABC News

A fire at Dolphin Sands near Swansea in Tasmania has burned out 56 hectares. Read more: Bushfire posed a threat to homes in Dolphin Sands, Tasmania Source: ABC News

Two anti-abortion activists lose a High Court challenge to laws banning protests near clinics, after arguing the laws denied their right to political communication. Read more: 'Free speech has been killed as well': Anti-abortion activists lose legal battle over right to protest Source: ABC News

Tasmania’s latest council merger attempt has failed, and with 29 councils for a population of just 520,000, there are calls for the Government to reconsider its policy of voluntary amalgamation. Read more: Call for forced council mergers in Tasmania after latest amalgamation voted down Source: ABC News

Thousands of people will soon flock to see Tasmania’s deciduous beech turn orange, but scientists have given the tree a grim long-term prognosis. Read more: 'Spectacular' turning of the fagus obscures bleak outlook for ancient tree Source: ABC News

A GPS clock rollover that experts predicted would have little impact because of years of advance notice causes the grounding of the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather balloons. Read more: Y2K of GPS causes glitch grounding BOM weather balloons Source: ABC News

Crews manage to save properties at Dolphin Sands on Tasmania’s east coast but the fire threat remains and authorities warn winds are expected to pick up again this morning. Read more: Bushfire alert at Tasmania's Dolphin Sands, homes under threat Source: ABC News

Vicki Laveau-Harvie has had a career breakthrough in her mid-70s, winning Australia‘s premier prize for women writers, with her first published book: The Erratics. Read more: Debut author wins ,000 Stella Prize with memoir of family dysfunction Source: ABC News

An uncontrolled bushfire at Dolphin Sands on Tasmania’s east coast is upgraded to an emergency level warning. Read more: Residents urged to evacuate as bushfire on Tasmania's east coast reaches emergency level Source: ABC News

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