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Tasmanian racing officers visit an animal park in the state’s south as they investigate the death of a race horse, amid allegations the carcass may have been fed to lions. Read more: Racing officers visit zoo over allegations horse carcass 'fed to lions' Source: ABC News

A Melbourne doctor is banned from practising after sparking outrage with online chat room posts, including one that said “some women deserve to be raped” and another that said his marriage “would end in murder” if it fell apart. Read more: Doctor who said women deserved to be raped is suspended indefinitely Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian abalone diver’s 20-minute encounter with a great white shark has prompted a warning to all commercial divers to adopt new safety techniques. Read more: Abalone diver survives cat and mouse game with 5-metre great white shark Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: A report that finds flaws with state domestic violence programs is released under pressure, and a call for a boost to fines for owners of penguin-killing dogs. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Flaws in family violence programs, penguin-killing dogs targeted Source: ABC News

A massive powerline that would run through the properties of 17 private landowners on Tasmania’s north-west coast has sparked fury from farmers who say they’ve received letters “threatening” to compulsorily acquire their land. Read more: 'Buy the whole farm or bugger off': Farmers furious over powerline plan Source: ABC News

What’s on offer in Dark Mofo 2019? Organiser Leigh Carmichael and some artists share their thoughts. Read more: The festival of the weird Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: TasTAFE courses will be offered to inmates at Risdon Prison from next month and Aboriginal community split over changes to dual-naming policy. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Back to school for Risdon prisoners, duel over dual naming Source: ABC News

It’s on again, Dark Mofo — with Swedish doom metal, a diorama of a city in riot, a performer pressing their body up against a ice carving and metal spikes piercing pages containing verse written by jailed poets on the menu. Here is how to survive Hobart’s festival of the weird. Read more: Your Dark […]

Tasmania’s prison service forks out the equivalent of $16,000 per staff member for overtime, a bill unions say is being racked up because there are not enough officers to run Risdon Prison on a daily basis. Read more: Prison staff paid average of k overtime in 10 months Source: ABC News

An eight-year-old boy who suffered burns to 30 per cent of his body and the death of a new-born baby, highlight continuing child protection failures, Tasmania’s Opposition says. Read more: 'She heard him screaming': Tasmanian child services accused of failing boy found on fire Source: ABC News

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