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Drone test Read more: Drone test Source: ABC News

A Tasmanian councillor announces her resignation live on radio, saying ongoing “personal attacks” and negative comments on social media have taken “too much” of a toll. Read more: 'The public wants blood': Councillor quits live on radio over 'personal attacks' Source: ABC News

More and more Australians are facing the prospect of random drug testing in their places of work. What does it involve, how reliable is it, and can you say no? Read more: Can you say no if your employer wants to drug test you? Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: The majority shareholders of Hobart Airport have sold a 70 per cent stake in the facility, and concerns surround the rejection of the Constitution Dock extension. Read more: Tasmania Now: Hobart Airport changes hands, dock extension likely to be refused Source: ABC News

Of the almost 3,000 magpie attacks reported in Australia this year, only one was in Tasmania. So why are these notoriously angry birds so much more relaxed on the Apple Isle? Read more: Why don't Tasmanian magpies swoop? Source: ABC News

If Morrison had a message for farmers, announcing it on a Friday afternoon amid football finals, school holidays and long weekends is not how you’d typically deliver it, writes Kath Sullivan. Read more: The black hole behind Morrison's 0m funding splash leaves the west waiting Source: ABC News

At approximately 3 pm on Monday afternoon, a young male entered the St Vincent de Paul Society shop on Hurst St in Bridgewater, armed with a large spanner. The youth then demanded money from staff, before leaving empty handed. The young male then proceded in to Bridgewater’s Big Bargain Bottle Shop and attempted to steal […]

A major program to combat fruit fly is underway in two Australian states where the Queensland fruit fly is not native to those areas. Read more: Aerial attack on fruit flies aims to eradicate pest in test areas Source: ABC News

In the town of Miena there are just 100 people and human interaction can be scarce, but Kaylee Hattinger has done her bit to bring life to one of the coldest places in the country. Read more: Kaylee has run a pub in one of the coldest places in Australia for 15 years — until […]

An iceberg 1,636 square kilometres in size, or about the size of urban Sydney or Scotland’s Isle of Skye, breaks off Antarctica. Read more: Iceberg dubbed 'D28' breaks off Antarctic shelf Source: ABC News

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