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Tasmanian native bonsai artist Jarryd Bailey says the practice brings a sense of peace to a busy world — but it isn’t without its challenges. Read more: 'It brings a sense of peace': Mastering the art of native bonsai Source: ABC News

Launceston’s Cataract Gorge is renowned for its “natural” beauty — but what many don’t realise is it took dynamite, the digging up of a swamp and the planting of scores of trees over 100 years ago to make it the tourism drawcard it is today. Read more: How Launceston tourism icon Cataract Gorge sprang from […]

Visitors are being urged to stay away from Tasmania’s Glenview aged care facility, where the chief executive says some residents with flu-like symptoms have been quarantined. Read more: Families urged to stay away as suspected flu outbreak puts nursing home in lockdown Source: ABC News

These hills used to ring out with pickaxes during the gold rush in the 1800s. Now the glitter of precious metal has once again brought people to these remote, leech-infested hinterlands. Read more: 'You might think I'm crazy, but they call it gold fever' Source: ABC News

It’s been a big week for the caretakers on remote Maatsuyker Island, from an aurora light show to a surprise sunrise engagement witnessed only by seals and eagles. Read more: Surprise engagement, aurora show all in a week's work for lighthouse keepers Source: ABC News

The taste and texture of long-spined sea urchin roe isn’t for everyone but the industry is thriving in the cool waters of Tasmania. Read more: It looks like a yellow human tongue. Here's Australia's booming seafood delicacy Source: ABC News

The Southern Huskies Basketball club withdraw from the New Zealand NBL and local NBL1 competitions, effective immediately — with a parting shot for the sport’s local governing body. Read more: 'Impossible to remain': Southern Huskies basketball club folds, barbs traded as to why Source: ABC News

A review of Tasmania’s management of the summer bushfires finds inadequacies in the response to a fire burning near a township, and reveals crews withdrew from a fire in the south-west due to the mistaken belief it was out. Read more: Bushfire response found wanting, as report details lapses in tactics during summer blazes Source: […]

Chinese student group releases a statement opposing “any act splitting China” after posters supporting Hong Kong independence are repeatedly torn down at the University of Tasmania. Read more: University urged to intervene in China-Hong Kong campus dispute Source: ABC News

Bob Gilmour flew 18,000km to fulfil his parents’ dying wish, but thought he’d “mucked it up badly” when an Irish airline lost the luggage containing their ashes. Read more: Lunchbox with 'ashes of mum and dad' lost by Irish airline during family pilgrimage Source: ABC News

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