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Daniel Bradshaw experienced his first epileptic seizure aged 8 and was until recently enduring up to 50 seizures a day, until life-changing brain surgery. Now he has joined the push to change public perception of the disorder. Read more: From 50 seizures a day, to none: Epilepsy survivor helping to battle stigma Source: ABC News

The heat is on beekeepers to deliver healthy hives for pollination this spring and into the summer. Read more: Beekeepers buzzing with anticipation of new honey season Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: A promised lost-cost abortion service for southern Tasmania is on hold indefinitely, and the union says more immediate solutions are needed to address prison overcrowding. Read more: Tasmania Now: Abortion clinic on hold, union wants northern prison open sooner Source: ABC News

A man who assaulted his then-pregnant girlfriend on a weekly basis, destroyed her possessions by driving over them and smeared faeces on her clothes is jailed and described by the presiding judge as “domineering” and “cowardly”. Read more: 'Brutal, spiteful, vicious': Man who bashed pregnant girlfriend jailed Source: ABC News

Before you approach someone you don’t know and start interviewing them about their disability, there’s something you need to ask yourself. Read more: The question you should think twice about before asking a stranger Source: ABC News

DAILY BRIEFING: Bushwalkers are rescued in two separate incidents in Tasmania’s national parks, while road spikes are deployed after a driver evades police. Read more: Tasmania Now: Walkers rescued from national parks, man charged after evading police Source: ABC News

Mandatory drug and alcohol testing for elected representatives could soon be a reality for a second Tasmanian council, but the proposal is proving to be divisive — with one councillor labelling it “highly invasive”. Read more: Hobart City Council to debate drug testing its own elected members Source: ABC News

As Tasmania lures more tourists with its wilderness charms, there are fears the method of holding tour operators accountable for licence breaches in precious wilderness areas is not up to the task. Read more: 'Profit over nature': Concerns over Tasmanian tour operator oversight Source: ABC News

It’s no secret Tasmanians are proud of their rich convict history, which draws in tourists from far and wide, but there’s much more to Van Diemen’s Land than the infamous penal settlement at Port Arthur. Read more: The best convict sites in Tasmania you've never heard of Source: ABC News

Jamie John Curtis tortured Alicia and murdered her fiance. His latest bid for freedom has failed, so now she’s calling for him to be declared a dangerous criminal in the hope that he’ll never be paroled. Read more: Rape victim fights to keep 'absolute monster' and killer Jamie Curtis behind bars forever Source: ABC News

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