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Hobart’s council is set to increase the boundaries of smoke-free areas around the CBD to include three city blocks and a number of green spaces, with the councillor behind the push saying it’s likely smokers violating the rules will be hit with an infringement notice and a fine. Read more: Hobart set to extend smoke-free […]

Tasmania will receive a $560-million hit to the state budget because of lower-than-forecast GST receipts and stamp duty revenue, with the Treasurer unable to explain how the hole will be filled. Read more: Tasmanian Treasurer foreshadows half-a-billion-dollar budget black hole Source: ABC News

A Budget measure to put families struggling with domestic violence through mediation and counselling is “dangerous” and risks encouraging guilt in victims, advocacy groups say. Read more: 'Avalanche' of criticism from DV groups, survivors over Government fund for couples counselling Source: ABC News

Aboriginal people and legal experts are calling for national reform around who can claim intellectual property rights to Indigenous knowledge. Read more: Claims of cultural appropriation in bid to trademark Indigenous Gumby Gumby name Source: ABC News

In 1985, twin brothers David and Richard Laskey took a leap of faith and bought the Dog House Hotel. It was an era when Hobart’s live music scene was arguably as vibrant as anything the mainland had to offer, so where did it go? Read more: 'Why don't we get a pub together': The moment […]

Tasmania Police announce a new $250,000 reward for information on the disappearance of Helen Munnings, who went missing in 2008, and will search a number of new sites in Tasmania’s north-west for her body. Read more: Helen was last seen in 2008, police believe someone knows what happened Source: ABC News

For more than half a century, Royce Smith’s family has produced premium grass-fed beef at blustery Granville Harbour — the perfect place to diversify with a wind farm. Read more: Wind farm on Tasmanian beef property to send renewable energy to national grid Source: ABC News

A lockable fenced play area for teenagers with autism at a Hobart high school is “akin to Risdon jail’s freedom areas”, one parent says, with Tasmanian education authorities saying alterations are being considered. Read more: 'Taking away their humanity': School criticised over fenced area for students with autism Source: ABC News

In a bid to restore a 19th-century Hobart building with as much authenticity as possible, a plasterer resorts to using horsehair as a binding agent. Read more: Horsehair helps breathe new life into Hobart's old buildings Source: ABC News

What was once a sheep paddock has now become one of Tasmania’s legendary racing circuits — where the legacy of driver John Youl continues to live on. Read more: Racing legend John Youl turned his paddock into racing track — now his legacy lives on Source: ABC News

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