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Interview with man who built his home from recycled materials Read more: Man builds home from recycled materials Source: ABC News

Three Tasmanian mayors discuss the impacts of climate change on their patches, where some residents are taking matters into their own hands to save land from erosion. Read more: 'We're seeing metres lost': This is what climate change looks like Source: ABC News

In many ways, Rob’s is a “normal house” with a sink, kitchen and a fireplace — but he says it only cost him $1,000 to build, and it’s made of recycled materials. Read more: Rob's spent 10 years building a sustainable house — he says it cost him ,000 Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Dark Mofo’s red crosses return, the right way up, on the Hobart waterfront, and the real estate industry welcomes the RBA’s interest rate cut. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Dark Mofo's waterfront red crosses being installed, rate cut welcomed Source: ABC News

A former Bishop of Tasmania criticised by the child sexual abuse royal commission wins a legal bid to stop disciplinary action by the Church against him. Read more: 'We're very sad for survivors': Court halts disciplinary action against former bishop Source: ABC News

A man fined $200,000 by the Federal Court of Australia for teaching unauthorised VET courses in Tasmania’s north says he is “bewildered” and plans to appeal the decision. Read more: 'Better off being a criminal': Man fined 0k for running fake VET courses Source: ABC News

MORNING BRIEFING: Premier Will Hodgman threw MONA “under a bus” during the federal election campaign, according to Labor, and victory has been declared in a council’s “peaceful war on birds”. Read more: Live: Tasmania Now: Labor says MONA 'thrown under bus', laser v birds, Basslink back online Source: ABC News

An election promise by Tasmania’s Liberal Government comes unstuck after a scheme to allow free entry to parks for Tasmanians over 60 has to be widened to all Australian seniors, due to the constitution — blowing out the cost to the budget. Read more: Free access to Tasmanian parks for all Australian seniors after constitutional […]

The long-term project will look at who is most at risk of the condition and how they can potentially “self-manage” risk behaviours to build resilience to dementia using diet, exercise, improving social contact or pursuing further education. Read more: World's 'biggest' dementia study hopes to enlist 10,000 Tasmanians Source: ABC News

In the past three years, the number of Hodgman Liberal Government media advisers has risen from five full-time positions to 10 and overall ministerial staff numbers have increased by 30 per cent, budget estimates hearings are told. Read more: 'Spending like drunken sailors': Tasmanian Labor takes aim at Liberals over staff hires, expenses Source: ABC […]

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